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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Some stats for one of my sessions using cut ups in a non-authoring way

I took the log from one of my campaign scenes and separated the content contributed by the cutups from the content that I had to create. I ran each portion through a word counter to get some data.

My content contributions were as follows: 

> **Including in character narration:**
> 211 words
> 1,294 characters

> **Excluding in character narration:**
> 118 words
> 661 characters

The cut ups contributed these amounts to the final narration:

> 111 words
> 657 characters

If my math is correct then  the tool itself contributes around this percentage of narration:

> **Including my in-character output**
> 33% of the characters
> 34% of the words

> Excluding my in-character output: 
> 49% of the characters
> 48% of the words

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