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My Abominable Experiments

  • Context-based Keyword Generating Tool: Context-based Keyword Generating Tool: Takes what you write and displays context sensitive words based on their proximity to the last word you typed. These can be used to figure out what the next GM response is. Great for on the fly inspiration with a GM feel.
  • Prompting Oracle: Inspired by Mythic Game Master Emulator and Apocalypse World's dice mechanic, it gives you parameters to describe a game world event (i.e. a GM response), and then decides if it happens or not (much like a yes/no Oracle). If you get three 'no' responses in a row, it automatically picks one at random as the event that happens. Includes a fun history log detailing all responses, including the rejected ones.
  • Prompting Oracle With Keyword GenerationWhat do you get when you combine keyword generation with an Oracle? My version of chocolate w/ peanut butter.  
  • Mythic Oracle With Keyword Generation: What's better than chocolate with peanut butter? Vanilla and chocolate of course!
  • Branching Choice Oracles one & twoThese are earlier version of the Prompting Oracle. The prompts ask you to describe three possible GM events, essentially corresponding to 'best', 'worst' and 'most logical' scenarios. The Oracles then choose one of the options for you. The second oracle prompts you to think from your player character's point of view, while the first one does not adopt any particular point of view.
  • Interrupt Based GM: A sentient GM doesn't have to wait for you to engage her in order to tell you least that is my inspiration for this. I can't promise it's sentient, but I can promise it will tell you something even if you don't engage it.

    Basically, this tool will periodically pop up mythic style events (or generic meta-statements about the fiction) based on nothing more than random time intervals, ranging between 5 and 10 minutes. You're meant to just start writing and wait for the "GM" to interrupt your flow with some new information. 

  • Mythic GME With Log Window: A simple Mythic GME JavaScript program lifted from a member at the Mythic Yahoo group. Only addition was the log window to keep track of stuff.  Original version appeared here on April 13 of 2012.  I can't remember when the version posted on Yahoo, by user "grant_erswell",  appeared, but it was much earlier.
  • Alternate Event Table for Mythic-Like Oracles: Not a JavaScript tool, but a PDF document. It's based on a word cloud created from Halo, by Tom Maddox. 
  • The Lady Luck Oracle: I pretty much cribbed directly from the Apocalypse World  system, by Vincent Baker and Supervillain You, by Ron Edwards and Rafael Chandler.
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