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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mythic GM Emulator - with log window

A member of the Mythic Yahoo Group, who goes by "grant_erswell", created this excellent little html page that allows you to perform Mythic Fate rolls and create Mythic random events. I was playing around with it to add Tom Pigeon's description table, which is very very handy.

Anyway, I got a little carried away and added a text area to act as a log window to capture Fate Chart roll, and event results so that I don't have to type them by hand. I can also use it to write my narration so that I just need to copy/paste the whole thing and save it to a file.

Since not everybody has access to the Yahoo Group-- though you really should! :)-- I'm putting it here so that anyone who wants can use it on the blog, or get the source to put it on their own device.


Mythic GM Emulator

Mythic Gm Emulator

Chaos Factor:

Scene Setup
No way
Very unlikely
Somewhat likely
Very likely
Near sure thing
A sure thing
Has to be

Dice Result


Event (Generate)
Description (Generate)

Fate Question:

Session Log:

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