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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brag post: Ghost Stories board game on Ipad

Well, not sure if I can call it a brag post, since it took me roughly 40 lost games as Red to finally win  my first solo game of Ghost Stories on Initiation level. Most of my scores were in the negative range, with a single one of those having a positive score of 1. The lowest scored game was something like -38.

I am not sure if I've found a good strategy to beat it, or if I just had more luck this time. Sometimes, playing the game, it feels like luck plays a major part: for example, if you happen to pull a ghost card that pulls another ghost with it, and that one also happens to pull another ghost with it, and so on, you can end up in a really tight spot. 

Take that comment with a grain of salt, though, because other than chess, I'm practically a newbie at board games. Besides, the game is extremely fun. 


  1. Brag away because you're probably 40 games from your next win (and that's kind of why i love the game)!

  2. LOL, man, I might put that in a "Demotivational" poster, lol.

    I do like the challenge though, and the game does drip with flavor.

    Do you have any preferred strategies?


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