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Solo RPG Links


Lone Wolf Roleplaying: 

A home for solo rpg enthusiasts where actual plays can be shared, and ideas on how to enrich the solo experience discussed. This is your #solorpg community!

The most active version is the G+ community: Lone Wolf Roleplaying G+ Group (link) but this will be going away in the near future (within a year).

Please check out the following alternatives and join the one you like best:

Google Groups (link)
Discord Chat
Reddit (link) 
Facebook (link)
MeWe Group

You're welcome to join all of them!

Other Forums

Mythic Game Master Emulator Yahoo Group

Going Solo or The Solitary Gamer (RPGNet group)


Why I Do Not Support

The Aroniad

A History of the Late War in Euratia

A Tale of Two Brooklyns

At The Old Dessauer's Table

BattReps Blog

Dicey Things

James The Geek Blog

Moni's Catbox Blog

Mythic Fangharm Quest

The New Storyboard

Old Spaceways

Platonic Solid

Random Diversions

RPG Solitaire Challenge Blog

Risus Monkey Blog

Solo Nexus Blog


World Vs Hero Blog

The Yote Den


Other Interesting Links On Solo Gaming


Reddit wiki


  1. ->

    the rules are free, light, and flexible. there are a couple of free, introductory adventures.



    A new Gamebook series

  4. I asked Mark to post the credit for inspiration from Rory's on the front page. He did so the same day I asked him to. I am just fan of both and honestly wanted to find a solution that was fair.


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