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Actual Plays

[Trollbabe AP] Against The Lord Of Kragg Keep: An actual play for Solo Gaming Appreciation Month 2016 using Trollbabe, a predictive text app called Creative Writer, and #WritingWithDice. Some techniques also evolved from these sessions that I plan on using more often.

[Our Last Best Hope AP]: The Killer Asteroid (In progress): An actual play involving a combination of Mythic GME and keyword generating.  

[Freeform] Intervention: freeform rpg session using a variety of tools to drive the story. The tools are, in no particular order, Mythic Game Master Emulator (), Rory's Story Cubes (), and a set of inspiration cards named the Bright Idea Deck ().

These are various RPGNet solo actual plays collected under the "solo actual play" tag:

RPGNet Solo Actual Play Reports

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