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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Erro's Scene #1 (Me)

Note: I don't have my notes with me, so I'm writing down the game events from memory.

Scene setup:

  • Me: Erro is sitting in his Kinta office. As is usual, he is in a meeting with one of his subordinates, discussing the particulars of a routine case. Erro is no longer directly involved in investigations, or in dirty dealings. He carries that out through his subordinates, in a mutually beneficial way: He gets recognition for having a stellar team that gets thing done. His subordinates learn the ins and outs of his way of conducting business, and they get the benefits and favor from a high ranking official such as him.
  • M2: (Investigate)(Intrigues): After Erro's meeting, his assistant informs him that a young investigator named Dygojikan has left a message requesting a meeting. It regards one of the more recent cases which his protégé, Rupko, had worked on. He has requested that Erro get back to him.
  • Me: Erro instructs his assistant to convey how busy his office is, and to direct the young investigator to the case files on record. Erro knows that they are in order, and it's very unlikely anyone will find anything untowards in them.
  • M2:(Spy)(Love): Erro's assistant says that the investigator has a witness in Rupko's lover, who was sent as a spy.

We have a Conflict:

  • Me: If Erro wins, everything in the case files is found to conform to the rules, and no evidence of wrongdoing is found for this case. The only thing the investigator would have is the word of the spy, which is not enough to charge anyone with a crime. This is an act of conformity.
  • M2: (??)(Inside) If M2 wins, someone close to Erro agrees to gather evidence and inform on him. This is an act of love for justice.

  • Me: Failed roll
  • M2: Succeeded roll
  • Interpretation: Rupko was not thoroughly careful and left enough evidence of case tampering which the spy found. As a result, Rupko will be charged, which at the very least will make Erro look bad. The young investigator, Dygojikan, also convinced someone close to Erro to find evidence of Erro's corruption.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Sercet's Scene #1 (M1)

To begin, I will let Mythic Player 1 (M1) "describe" what Sercet, his young scientist-priest is doing. The scene should be static.

M1: (Harm)(Environment)

Scene Interpretation: Sercet is, as usual, busy at his lab. This time he is selectively destroying cells in his neuron cell culture. His obession is to understand the process whereby the brain allows a person to be one with God.
The scene thus set, now it's the Antagonist's turn to push the Protagonist.

M2: (Violate)(Bureocracy)
Scene Interpretation: Sercet's assistant interrupts him, to let him know of a bureocracy official who wishes to talk to him. Sercet receives the official and learns that the equipment logs indicate that proper procedure has not been followed in procuring lab equipment. This will be grounds for a fine and a suspension.
This is our first Conflict. The stakes are as follows:

M1: (Block)(Plans): If Sercet wins, he produces proof that procedure was followed, and thus convinces the bureocrat that a system error must have ocurred during record keeping. He is using love of his research to convince the bureocrat.

2d10: 4, 10
M2: 4d4: 4, 2, 2, 3

          M1 succeeds with 10, but M2 has a 4 opposing roll. M1 roll now falls at 6, right on the fulcrum.
          Escalate: The bureocrat is adamant that the system makes no mistake. The argument becomes more contentious.
M2 gets to say what happens if this escalated roll fails:
  • (Trick)(Anger) If M1 fails the roll, Sercet loses his temper and attacks the bureocrat. This will cause the permanent termination of his research.
2d10: 6, 1

M2: 4d4: 2,  3, 4, 1

M1 fails.

M2: (Extravagance)(Legal Matters): If M2 (antagonist bureocrat) wins, Sercet's mentor, the retired scientist-priest, is charged with heresy and arrested. This is an act of conformity.
         1d10: 4

         M1: 1d4: 3
 M2 fails.
Me (audience roll):
  • 1d4: 3 (will not use it)
Interpretation of results:

Sercet loses his temper and shoves the bureocrat. This prompts disciplinary action and his research project is shut down, and he is also suspended.

M1: (Take)(Love) Charges against the retired scientist are dismissed. Rumor has it that an influential friend had a hand in that decision.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Antagonist Outlines


M1's antagonist player: M2

Antagonist concept: (Triumph)(Liberty): Leader of a clique of scientist-rebels who want him to support their efforts to undermine the religion.

Antagonist Minutia:
  • (Develop)(Pain)
Praxis Scales

Comformity vs Non-Comformity -4
Love vs Hate - 5

M2's antagonist player: Me

Antagonist concept: (Return) (Love): The orphan's parents, who have returned, professing that they never stopped loving the orphan, and were instead forced away for perceived sins.

Antagonist Minutia:
  • (Attach)(Ambush)
Praxis Scale:
Comformity vs Non-Comformity - 7
Love vs Hate - 7

My antagonist player: M1
Antagonist concept: Rival within the Kinta, who wants to get Erro out of the way.
Antagonist Minutia:

Praxis Scale:

Comformity vs Non-Comformity - 6
Love vs Hate - 4

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Praxis Scales

Praxis Scales represent the ways in which anything is done in this world. They will be used in Conflict.

Praxis Scales:
  • Comformity vs. Nonconformity
  • Altruism vs. Selfishness
  • Love vs. Hate
I decided to broaden the second praxis to Love vs. Hate, based on the character concepts, features, etc, it made more sense to me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Protagonists

Player: M1

Character concept: (Starting)(Intrigues): Younger, new scientist-priest, whose brilliant discoveries have begun to fascinate his colleagues.
Shock: God For A Day
Issue: Sabotage
Name: Sercet

  • (crisis)(restlesness): Edgy and impatient when faced with a dilemma.
  • (doing)(persuasion): Persuasive in his arguments.
  • (resolve)(learning): Tenacious in the search for knowledge.

  • (Attach)(Intrigues): Rather fond of a retired scientist-priest with radical ideas.
  • (Work Hard) (Magic): Obsessed with explaining the supernatural in terms of science.

Story Goal: (Desert)(Emotions): Transcend all passions.

Praxis Scale:

Comformity vs Non-Comformity - 8
Love vs. Hate - 6
Player: M2

Character concept: (Take)(A Burden): Pious Kinta (Inquisition) member who considers it his obligation to protect the flock.
Shock: God For A Day
Issue: Free Will
Name: Kaluvan


  • (Transform)(Balance): Believes that the only way to protect the flock is to change all balance of power to the Kinta (Inquisition).  
  • (Deceive)(Evil) : Will battle against the evil ones who deceive the flock.
  • (Work Hard)(Good): Dedicates all his energy to the greater good.


(Neglect)(Misfortune): Deeply cares about an orphan abandoned and neglected by his sinful parents.

(Work Hard) (Good): The Kinta (Inquisition)

Story Goal: (Open)(Military): Put all of the ruling power directly into the hands of the Kinta (Inquisition).

Praxis Scale:

Comformity vs Non-Comformity - 3

Love vs. Hate - 4

Player: ME

Character concept: Higher level official of the Kinta, who has attained power by setting up and then busting those dealers he supplied with the illicit drug Lilik (Union).

Shock: God For A Day

Issue: Greed

Name: Erro

  • Pious on the surface, but secretly cynical.
  • His only honest devotion, other than power, is his handicapped brother.
  • Has corrupted his subordinates as well.
  • His handicapped brother.
  • The belief that God is a self-inflicted lie.
Story Goal: To pay for his transgressions (comeuppance).

Praxis Scale:

Comformity vs Non-Comformity - 4

Love vs. Hate - 5


Whew, it took me a while to come up with my character, in a way that made sense to me. I hope this habit of being so picky pays off.
As I was thinking about this character, I also began to worry that the Shock is not permeating the Issues directly enough. Or, more accurately, that the real Shock is not actually to be God For A Day, but the belief that Godhood can be attained through technology. Nonetheless, I've decided to leave things as they are, and chalk it off to experience if things don't work out as expected in this first game.

Note: I also used Bruce's suggestion to look at other languages, and derived the names loosely from foreign translations of their issues (Sabotage, Free Will and Greed).

On the next two posts, I hope to flesh out the Antagonists and decide on the Praxis scales.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Upcoming Steps

Just as another update, I will also try to get started on character creation today. Each of the players-- Mythic-1, Mythic-2, and me-- will have both a Protagonist and an Antagonist.

After that, I will use this all this info to create the Praxis Scales, which are basically two sets of opposing stats that encompass how everything in this world is done. Right now, based on all the details, I think that one of the scales will be "Harmony vs. Individuality", though I'm also considering "Conservation vs. Change."

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Feedback

I've gotten some terrific feedback from members on the Mythic Yahoo Group ( For how to name the Inquisition and the tech/drug used to induce the mystical state of mind, Bruce suggested looking at foreign translations for words such as "Enlightenment". David also suggested "Inspiration X" for the illegal street drug, which I liked and made me think of other names. I will get to work on those soon.

In addition to that, David also asked an interesting question regarding whether the knowledge of bio-chemistry was the sole province of the Orthodoxy clergy, or whether it was more widely available to everyone. Both options made me think of interesting implications, and I think the folks will have some of their own, which I'm interested in reading. Later, I will pose these questions to the Mythic Fate Chart so that Mythic can "choose", as it "owns" this shock.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Setting Summary so far (or coherency check)

I just wanted to run this by you folks. I'm nearly finished with the details for my Shock game setting. I'm reposting a short summary of the setting so far, partly as a sort of coherency check:
The setting involves a theocratic society advanced in the science of biochemistry. Their religion is built around the concept that everyone gets to channel Godhood once in their lives, and thus allow Cosmic Law to manifest itself through them. This mystical state of mind is achieved through mind altering technology-- possibly a drug.

The current Orthodoxy is ancient. It rose out of a number of competing interpretations, and has maintained its dominance ever since by thorough indoctrination, and by swift suppression of any unorthodox creeds. Most of society conforms joyfully and seeks harmony.

Despite this, however, the Orthodoxy has not been able to completely stamp out free thinking. Thus acts of non-conformism are not unheard of. One example is the creation of the drug [need a cool name]; an attempt to undermine the Orthodoxy by making Godhood widely available outside the control of the religious institution. Despite the best intentions of its creators, the drug is highly addictive and its withdrawal symptoms produce horrible visions. Still, there is a demand for it, and it is available in the black market.

Another defining characteristic of this society is its biochemical control of nature, balanced by a nurturing attitude towards Creation. This outlook can be witnessed in their city planning, and in their doctrines.

I welcome any constructive input. Particularly I'm looking for suggestions in terms of names for the drug I mention. I would also like to come up with a better name for the Orthodoxy's enforcing arm, which so far I call the Inquisition. Thank you in advance!

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Fleshing out other setting details Pt 2: Setting Minutiae

  1. Other Minutiae
    • M1: (Recruit)(A Plot)
      • [Interpret "Plot" as a plot of land] People are enlisted from youth to work on small plots of land, often beautiful gardens. This is one way in which people are indoctrinated to serve others, and commune with nature/creation. Many people volunteer themselves in their adulthood.
    • M1: (Divide) (Advice)
      • The current state of society is a result of a series of schisms that occurred in the distant past. The current orthodoxy came out victorious and other interpretations have been suppressed ever since.
    • M1: (Kill) (Expectations)
      • Non-conformists can pretty much expect to have no future. Society is such people are often ostracized, and have doors closed on them.
    • M2: (Dominate) (Ambush)
      • High tech surveillance technology is available but anathema to society, so the Inquisition keeps would-be heretics and free thinkers in line by the use of spies.
    • M2: (Betray) (Advice)
      • In a similar way, people have been programmed to inform on any would-be heretics or free thinkers.
    • M2: (Work Hard) (Nature)
      • This is societies that believes in working hard to both nurture creation and enjoy its fruits. Theirs is a society advanced in the science of biochemistry.
    • ME:
      • This society uses its advanced knowledge of biochemistry to nurture nature in certain directions (basically control it). Their cities are full of vegetation that conforms to a particular aesthetic and order.
    • ME:
      • This knowledge of biochemistry has also been used to "reform" dissenters.