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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Un-Solo RPG G+ Forum: Mixing solo and social RPGing

This community stemmed from an idea that was itself inspired by a thought experiment. What if one could create a social RPG experience that was equivalent to playing an RPG in solitaire mode? This is an imperfect implementation of that idea, and also an imperfect answer. I am hoping that whatever it turns out to be, it is fun to do. 

 Thanks for participating!

What follows are the "rules", which you can also find as the first post on the G+ forum: 

General concept / How to Play

People who want others to GM for them will create a new post. Anyone in the group can GM for them, but only by answering a player's request for input. Anyone can answer the player's request as long as they get there first. However, GMs must answer with the same limitations as the solo tool(s) the Player consulted.I.e. If the Player asked a yes/no oracle question, you are constrained to yes/no answers only

The spirit of all this is to make an experience that is social be as close to solo as possible. 

Rules for the GM

1. The most important: As a GM, do everything necessary to keep the Player in the dark as to whether you or the tool are providing answers. Suggstion: Keep it unpredictable. 
2. No descriptions. If not consulting the tool, you must try to get your point accross using the output the tool would give. 
-No out of character kibitzing about that game until it's officially finished- GMs: No spoiler comments. The point is  to keep the illusion alive for the player. That's where the fun will come from! :) 
4. Do not talk anywhere in the forum about whether you own a tool or not. That would give away your secret! :)
5. Do not provide answers with a tool that the player has not requested. 

Rules for the Player

1. Assume that the GM does not own the tool you have. 
2. As such, if your tool uses more than yes/no answers, such as Mythic's random events, you should really provide a link to that list, or a custom one in your initial post. This way the GM(s) can send those keywords back when necessary. 
3. If your tool uses non-verbal output (images, etc), consider transposing each image onto a keyword and providing a link to that as a common glossary for the results the GM(s) send back to you.

I won't use a heavy hand in enforcing these rules. I won't even nag past this post. As such, I depend on your Girl or Boy Scout honor to follow the spirit of the group. I strongly believe that keeping Players in the dark as to who is answering is what will make this fun. :)

It is totally OK to talk about rule change suggestions on the Lone Wolf Roleplaying group. So if you have ideas, please pitch them.


  1. Interesting...I will keep my eye on it.

  2. Hi!

    Basically, this is an experiment to see if playing with other people the same way you play solo has any effect on the fun factor. Depending on the answer for each person, it may provide insight into they might not enjoy their solo sessions as much (those that feel that way).


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