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Sunday, May 20, 2012

[Shock] Please help me with premise for a session of Shock rpg

I'm a big fan of Bladerunner and Neuromancer, so this premise is nothing new.

My premise for a session is that in this cyberpunk world there is an agency called Turing Police (mentioned in the Sprawl Saga), which is for detecting and containing (possibly destroying) any emergent self-aware AIs.

I want to play a veteran Turing Police operative whose own mind is trapped inside cyberspace when a renegade AI he was tracking takes over his e-brain. Now he must find a way to stop the AI who took over his body, while evading the same Turing Police agency of which he used to be a part, since he is now a disembodied entity.

If you've ever played Shock, you know that Protagonists have a set of stats called Praxis, which are usually sort of opposed, such as: love vs hate, buying vs selling, etc. I look at them as being like the theme of a story that you want to explore.

Like I mentioned, I love Bladerunner and wanted to do something similar, without obviously ripping it off. I settled on the following Praxis(I have to think of another pair):

feeling vs supercomputing: I envision feeling to encompass things such as empathy, hunches, etc. While, supercomputing, is the cold hard logic and flawless thinking (as flawless as you could get).

My problem is that I feel like the theme doesn't quite fit with a consciousness trapped inside sillicon, since human feeling depends on hormones, and the nervous system, etc (in my not so informed view). It feels kind of silly that my Turing Police agent would have any sort of feeling inside cyberspace, given his body is not connected to him anymore.

I've thought that maybe I could decree that emotions could be emulated inside a program, but I don't know...seems kind of weak.

Just looking for feedback, even if it means changing the premise or the theme. Though it would be great if I could find some justification for keeping them both. :)
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