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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Solo Gaming Appreciation Month 2016: Trollbabe actual play

I don't get to play a lot lately, unfortunately, but this is my way of doing my part for Solo Gaming Appreciation 2016 (#SGAM2016). Hopefully, more scenes to come in the remaining days of November, and if not, December.

I'm playing Trollbabe, which system I like for its simplicity. If you are not familiar with the game setting, you are basically playing half troll/half human women in an Icelandic/Nordic/Celtic/Baltic kind of setting. It's a pop culture mishmash that draws from Norse sagas, fantasy literature and underground comics (I'm paraphrasing Ron Edwards intro). 

I don't know much about any of that, so forgive me any inconsistencies (like, for example, placing an Inn inside a castle's walls, when I probably was imagining a walled city). Forgive me any retcons too. 

I've used the following Prompting Oracle that I whipped up a few days ago (also for #SGAM2016): ... count.html I only used it for decision points, so the text is light on description. Images were in my head and I did not feel like writing descriptive text. It's probably more fun to fill in the gaps with your own images, anyway. 

Character stats

Trollbabes are big women (at least 6'6" in height), "with a build to match. No little aerobicized butts allowed." (quoting R.E. and paraphrasing again). They are easily the match of the strongest human and their strength ranges up from that point. They are more athletic than the most athletic human as well. 

Greta's Number is 8, which means 1-7 to use Fight(Unarmed), 8-10 to use Social (Fun) , and 9-10 to do Magic (Human Magic)

Hair Color & Style: Think big 80's hair metal band hair. Strawberry Blonde.
Horns Size/Shape: Curved like a ram's, thick, light in color. Norse runes are carved on them, like one would ink tatoos in one's body. They probably say something equivalent to "Badass Mofo"

That's it.


Kragg Keep is a castle fortress near the sea populated by humans (of course). The lands surrounding it belong to a Lord Ingald. It is a typical castle with typical countryside surrounding it. 

This is where Greta is heading. 

This year, the harvest has not been good, as can be seen in the failed grain crops around the country side. There is worry in the peasant's faces. They look at her with some curiosity and fear as she hikes past them. 

The lord's soldiers come to question what her business is here and to run her off. They draw their swords and ask, "What is your business in Kragg Keep, stranger?"

"No particular business. I'm just passing through."

The leader eyes her suspiciously, paying particular attention to her horns (trollbabes always have horns). "I'm afraid not. It were better for you to bypass this place." 

I declare a conflict, per Trollbabe's rules
Goal: To convince the guards to let her in Kragg Keep. 

(Greta's Number is 8, which means 1-7 (Unarmed) to use Fight, 8-10 to use Social (Fun) , and 9-10 to do Magic (Human magic))

I declare that the conflict is Social. 


Won by a hair.

She looks up at her horns as if saying "Oh, that?". "I can promise you I'll be on my best behavior. " Then, mustering the saddest face she can: "I'm hungry and tired. You wouldn't let a defenseless girl head out back on the trail like that, would you?" 

The leader looks towards his companions as if looking for input and all he gets are shrugs. Sighing, he tells Greta: "Very well. However, you must leave at sun up tomorrow." Then he frowns and scolds her, "It isn't wise for a woman should not be travelling alone around the woods." 

This annoys Greta a bit, but she did go for the defenseless damsel act. She forces an apologetic smile and a curtsy. 

The leader offers her to hop on one of the other guard's horse. 

"Joss will give you a ride to the local inn. He will also make sure you leave when the sun is up."

With that, the remaining guards depart, leaving Joss and Greta behind. 

"I guess it's just you and me, mr Joss" says Greta, accepting Joss' hand as he courteously helps her get on. He seems as guarded as his companions. 

He replies politely but firmly: "The Lands End Inn is not far. I will escort you out of Kragg Keep at early sunup."

--- END SCENE---

Short, but fun. Future scenes will continue here:

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