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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Predictive text inspired tool (work in progress)

I've been using predictive text apps to delegate some of the decision making in the creative writing parts of solo gaming to something outside me. Just having suggested words out there already picks a direction for me, so I've found that satisfying. Now I have it available on my browser if I want. :)

This tool works somewhat similar to the ios app I've been using, except that it does not display words based on frequency. Instead, it will take your last written word and give you other words that have previously appeared near it in what you have written into the window (this is the first row in the table). In addition to that, it will give you other keywords that have had your last word as part of their context.

In addition to providing you with suggestive output, I've also noticed that it jogs my memory as well if I happen to type the name of a location or NPC, for example, since the words that have been near those names will show up.

Overall, I feel like these type of tools pull me in creative directions I might not have thought of, which make it feel as if I'm delegating some control of the world (or fiction) to something outside of myself.

Eventually I want to add this to some type of proper oracle, with extras like history window, and a seed window for seeding text. For now the tool only has the writing window.

You can play around with it here:

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