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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ordinary World Chart - Stage Directives & Archetype Functions

As I've mentioned a bazillion times, I've been tinkering for a long time with the monomyth structure as a way to solo play. In the past, I posted a list of questions and items for the archetypes and stages of the monomyth. They've been somewhat useful, but I want something that's a bit easier to use as a reference, so I've created a little table to help me with the stages.

So far, I've only converted over the Ordinary World with some directives that should help one in play, and  a few of the archetype functions that I feel apply to the OW stage.

Monomyth-Ordinary World- Stage Directives And Archetype Functions
Monomyth-Ordinary World- Stage Directives And Archetype Functions

You can download the PDF here. My plan is to do the same for all of the stages and archetypes in order to help me play (and hopefully any reader that stumbles upon this). :)

It really does help if you have some familiarity with the Hero's Journey. I recommend this pdf as a great primer.

P.S: I've also reworked the original archetype list into a table, which I think makes it more compact and easier to navigate. The PDF for that can be downloaded here.

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