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Monday, May 7, 2018

Playing RPG modules by yourself: A series of useful links

From what I've observed, it seems like people have an easier time playing with modules when they flip the script: take on the role of the GM, and emulate the players. That bypasses the problem of maintaining the surprise element, though the players can still surprise you.

However, some people (the author of Mythic GME herself), have had some interesting ideas on how to use modules without having to flip the script:

Standard advice about separating PC and Player knowledge:

Asking if a particular part of the module happens as written or changes:

A more in-depth treatise post on the subject by the author of Mythic GME. The thread itself is worth a full read:

John Fiore's  thoughts for playing a slolo game with World vs Hero  and published modules:

More interesting ideas from the Yahoo group:

Player Emulation:

Some repeated ideas, but worth it for the in depth discussion based on actual play experience:

Another nice explanation of using a module as a "map" and an Oracle to see how accurate that map is:

Nice summary of various options:


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