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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Remember Tomorrow - Maxim Wargentin vs AIWA Entertainment - Face Off Scene 2

Nothing much has changed since last time. In retrospect, a split second decision about Maxim's resources/contacts felt a bit out of left field given it wasn't really established anywhere, but that's where the concordances led me.

Link to spreadsheet is here:  Remember Tomorrow - Maxim Wargentin vs AIWA Entertainment - Face Off Scene 2

Turn typeActual playNotesConcordances
GM:Where is Maxim now?As prep for this scene, I had gathered some concordances ahead of time. This process inevitably tends to make me storyboard the scene a bit ahead of time. For this scene, I kept getting images of Maxim bieng at club Indigo and finding out what Ali did, which results in a chase scene.

Well, I try to break that with some randomness, since I couldn't quite figure out how to apply Bayes here.
I've been looking for Ali through a dozen bars and clubs, but my luck has been bad so far.
Roll on location table:
3:16:00 AM
bad luck how about him he
through a dozen bars and clubs
GM:Obviously, since it's past 3am and you still haven't found him. :) Well, by now there's not much of a crowd outside except for a few mostly quiet drunks.

What do you do next?
thin crowd of mostly silent drunks
I'm going to try the Sense Net research library. I doubt that I'll find Ali, so I might as well continue researching as soon as possible.

Still, I keep looking on my way hom in case I see the man. I use the chip in my optic nerve to help me look out for him.
So, I got another path from the concordances here where Ali has almost given up on finding Ali and so focuses on continuing his research and hopefully still beat Ali. Still, he is keeping an eye out for Ali, so a chase of some sort might still be possible.
the sense net research library he
he said but he doubted he
he looked up seeing the man
chipped into my optic nerve he
You walk out of the subway into the neon night on Ninsei. You take a few corners and pass a few massage parlors and late night yakitori stands on your way home.

You keep an eye out for Ali, but by the time you are almost home, he is nowhere to be seen.
Bayes: p(Ali being cautios | stole) : 80;

p(Maxim bumps into Ali | cautios & moves in same circles): 25%

Ali is nowhere to be seen.
had taken and the corners he
neon friday night on ninsei he
he passed yakitori stands and massage
(Sighing) If I did have an idea of where he was, I'd keep looking. But I've given up looking for the rat.

I will go with the original plan of jacking into Sense Net.
The probability that he would keep looking, given that it's so late is 29%.
he is given up now it
he looked for ratz but the
he sighed if i did know
GM:You get to your apartment with nothing out of the ordinary happening.
I'm finding it increasingly hard to stay awake but this is urgent. I take off my jacket and shoulder the Hosaka deck across the room. When I jack in, I give it all the necesary instructions.
he said to the hosaka you
he was finding it increasingly hard
he crossed the room and shouldered
he took off his jacket and
You hurtle across the infinite datascape into rich fields of data. The magnitude of it makes it resemble the spiral arms of a galaxy, but soon with the help of the microsofts you own, you start to zero into the information you need to continue your work.
Inspiration for me as the GM too. :)
he hurtled across the infinite datascape
into rich fields of data he
he saw the spiral arms of
case -- and the microsofts he
Player: Zen is the way he thinks it feels when he's into his work. zen it is the way he While you're in this state for some time, another nagging feeling threatens to break your Zen like concentration. It's like you're being watched.
Yeah, I've heard of virus programs utilized for that. I'm pretty sure it's him.
with virus programs yeah i heard
he was sure of it he
GM: Maybe. What do you do?
Player:I'm going to make him pay. The nerve of him.he is gonna pay these nerve
GM: How are you doing that?
I've been around cyberspace for a while, so I sometime I came into contact with one of the best matrix thieves from Tokyo.

I ask him to wreck whoever is piggybacking on me. I tell him the money should already be in his pocket.
he had been in cyberspace for
he sometimes came into contact with
was the matrix a thief he
he punched a tokyo number in
he said i am wrecked he
money already in his pocket he
GM: I'm assuming you transferred some money to this person, maybe from some advance Mr. Sakuraba gave you. Do they have a name?
Player: about Spider?

Spider (5P1D3R)
GM: Works for me. We also have a conflict, I think. Your intent is clear. My intent is to avoid being wrecked and to slap "Confused" on you.
Player: I roll:

Only one success
Ready/Willing/Able: 3/6/4
GM: Roll(3d10)+0:

Dang. Two successes. Like last scene, I win by one margin of success. You are now "Confused. I spend an outcome on gaining pCon "Enthused".

Tell me what happened?
Remember that AIWA had a score of 5 Inf, so now it's 6 INF.

Loser narrates
Out of the matrix shadows, a pair of predatory looking snakelike loops emerge. Maxim has never seen anything like that before.

Cut scene to Spider: Spider manages to make out that it's a Chinese program. He tries to disconnect from Sense Net before the construct becomes aware of his presence, but fails. "I am wrecked," is his last thought. His deck becomes a mess of twisted metal and plastic; his hands a pair of bloody stumps.

Cut scene back to Maxim: Maxim doubles over, clawing for his Hosaka's jack. He rolls and kicks, falling to the floor. He is out unconscious for the next ten hours.
he had see the matrix shadows
he rode a pair of predatory-
he made out a snakelike loop
he had never seen there before
he saw that the chinese program
he disconnected the construct the presence
he said i am wrecked he
of twisted metal and plastic he
a pair of bloody stumps he
he doubled over clawing for the
he rolled and kicked failing to
slept for ten hours then he

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