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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Remember Tomorrow - Maxim Wargentin vs AIWA Entertainment - Face Off Scene

I'm continuing to use the same GM/Player dialogue format since it helps me immerse so well. I took on the GM role again since I have more knowledge right now than the character, Maxim, does. 

As usual, I've put the complete actual play information on a spreadsheet here (notes, concordances, etc): Remember Tomorrow - Maxim Wargentin vs AIWA Entertainment - Face Off Scene

GM: Where is Maxim?

Player: I'm at one of my "offices" which is a nightclub called Indigo. It's noon time.

GM: What is he doing?

Player: I need a history lesson, so I went to my friend Julie. She has some history programs and databases and she's having them sift through the data to find the personal history of the two artists. They are focusing on the period during and immediately after the war.

I also got a hold of some art history microsofts and I'm analyzing the artists' handwriting and their known works for
neuroelectronic patterns. 

GM: Your sometime collaborator Ali drops by; not an unusual thing. 

"Maxim, I was just thinking about you." To Julie, "Hi Julie."

Player: "Ali, just in time. Make me an Old Fashioned and sit down."

I'm going to tell him I made a deal. When he comes .

GM: "Sure," he says. After a few minutes, he returns with three. One for you, one for Julie and one for him. "You look happy, man."

Player: "I've got a deal, man. Looks real big."

GM: "Big shot?" Referring to your client. 

Player: "Sure," I say, then I take a sip of my drink.

GM: "What about?"

Player: "How much history did they teach you at school?"

GM: "Not enough. What are you looking for?" 

Player: "History," I say. "History"

GM: "History,"  Ali says with exaggerated seriousness, as if humoring you.  "I can drink to that," he says  before downing his drink. 

Player: I tell him the information about the deal and that I'm trying to sort it all out.

GM: So, I think that we've reached a point where it makes sense to go to the dice. My intent is to give Maxim the nCon 'Impaired' by getting him drunk.

Player: I want to get the pCon 'Connected' to show Julie found a contact I can follow. 

GM: (Wins by 1 margin of success. slaps 'Impaired' on Maxim. Increase INF by 1.) Basically, I get Maxim drunk, and con the data out of him (which justifies the +1 INF)

Player: (Loser does not achieve goal, but narrates results.) 

Ali keeps feeding Maxim more Old Fashioneds, making Maxim's much stronger than his or Julie's. When Maxim is properly drunk and takes a bathroom break, Ali rummages through Maxim's device to copy the data found so far. There is bound to be something useful there (justifying the +1 INF)

Julie tells him, "You're trying to con Max." 

Ali just shrugs, and says "Already did,"  as he kisses her on the cheek. Then he quickly leaves the nightclub. 

Julie shakes her head disapprovingly, but she knew it was all part of the game.

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