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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Remember Tomorrow - Elena Yamamoto vs Wan Brothers Multinational - Face Off Scene

I still followed the same format that I did for Sarah Rheita's intro scene, where I don't write the actual play as fiction but as an interaction between GM and player.

In this case, I decided to GM because I had more knowledge about the in game situation, especially when it came to what Simao Okada of Wan Brothers had found out. I try to avoid having to pretend a character doesn't know something I do, so this is a nice way of dodging the situation.  That's going to be my rule of thumb now: If I know more than the character such that I have to play it as if I didn't know what I know, I'll GM.

My approach to concordances keeps growing. I decided that in some cases it made sense to incorporate a more traditional oracle as a way to add indirection. For example, generating a random event and using those keywords as my concordance search. I added a few other things to my personal method as well which you can find out in the spreadsheet notes.

If you want to read only the actual play without notes, concordances, etc, continue reading this post. If you want to see more of the nitty gritty, take a look at the spreadsheet:  Elena vs Wan Brothers Multinational  - Face Off Scene

Actual Play

GM:  Where is Elena?

Player: I'm at a kind of historical industrial park from a century ago. These parks sort of ring the old core of the city.

GM:  OK. What are you doing there?

Player: I'm on my way to check out the Singaporean contacts that Bankcroft had in Shinjuku. They may have a connection to the bank that operates in that area.

A Singaporean contact I have told me that the some of the bank's executives like to drink at this bar in the area.

GM:  OK. That bar is called Lonny Zone's. It's an ex-pat bar, but for some reason these banker execs like it there.

As you are making your way there, you get a call from Simao: "Change of plans. Meet me at Oshiage station in Sumida ward."

It's an underground station that you know.

Player: I can't put my finger on it, but the sense of timing doesn't make much sense. I'm going to stay in the shadows as much as possible on my way to the metro and when I'm there. This is a murderous zaibatsu after all.

GM:  You cautiously make your way to the subway station without any incident.  When you get there, you see Simao's Mercedes parked on the street. His driver, Kenshin Yamada, is outside eating organic carrot sticks as usual.

Player: I recognize him. He chaffeured us once through Instanbul in a similar Mercedes.

"Konbanwa, Yamada. Where is Okada?"

I still have a hard look on my face; it's not a super friendly greeting.

GM:  "It seems like you startled him, or maybe he's just generally intimidated by you.

He manages to stutter, ""Okada-san is waiting for you on the platform."""

Player: Maybe I will not go...

OK, I will not go down to meet him.

GM:  OK...what do you do instead?

Player: I move down the street instead looking for a crowd to get lost in.

GM:  Kenshin looks confused and concerned as he sees you go past the station instead of into it.

"Hey, Yamamoto, where are you going?"

Player: I just shrug and keep moving.

GM:  Kenshin starts murmuring into his lapel mic. It's obvious he's informing someone of what you're doing.

Player: I continue down the street.

GM:  I think we've come to a pivotal moment so let's go to the dice.  My scene goal is to add the Injured pCon on you.

Player: I want to slip away into a crowded street. Get lost in the crowd.

[I roll very bad and player rolls very good. It's all in the spreadsheet.]

GM:  You know what...I'm going to burn your nCon to reduce the margin of success to one. Elena is no longer Coerced. Can you narrate what happened with that?

Player: I feel like the company's actions through Okada have driven me to feel free from a dangerous dependency on them.

 I allocate my remaining success on my Willing stat. I will increase it by one.

GM:  OK, as you are getting further away from the station, you hear Yamada say, "She went that way!" Then you see a group of men who unmistakably look like Wan Brothers security come out of the station. Being security, you know they are armed.

However, you are too quick for them and soon find a busy street and disappear in the crowd.

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