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Friday, April 20, 2018

Remember Tomorrow - Sarah Rheita vs Wan Brothers Multinational - Face Off Scene

I've finally had a little time to come back for another short Face Off scene. I continue to use the approach as before, but decided to try something a little new as well: a Bayesian network app to help me determine Odds for oracle questions. I only used it at the beginning to help me decide some things prior to actually starting the scene. 

I took on the GM role again since I have more knowledge right now than the character, Sarah, does. 

As usual, I've put the complete actual play information on a spreadsheet here (notes, concordances, etc):

Sarah Rheita vs Wan Brothers Multinational - Face Off

GM: Where is Sarah?

Player: She's in a doll den named Club Sin. She knows someone there and is hoping she gets some information.

GM: Who does she know there?

Player: She knows a working girl there by the name Anabelle.

GM: You spot two young French men and what appears to be their girlfriend enjoying a dance by one of the dolls. Looks like it's your girl Anabelle.

Player: I go over, slide a hand into my pocket and dig out a crumpled pack of bills, and look at Anabelle in the eye.

GM: Anabelle turns to the threesome and tells them bluntly: "You: out of my sight. Dance's over."

She turns to you, and sultrily says, "Don't believe I've ever seen you not working at Lonny Zone's

Player: "Party circuit tonight. It got real boring."

GM: "You came to the right place. What's your pleasure, honey?"

Player: "I've been looking for someone, a man. I thought you might know something."

GM: "You figure he's the kinda guy who goes for the puppets?" Anabelle says with some sarcasm.

Player: My mouth hardens and I frown. I didn't like that.

GM: "OK, so maybe he isn't. Why are you asking me? "

Player: "You were not at Club Sin, when I saw him."

GM: "You mean I was at Lonny Zone's."

Player: "It sure looked like you."

I explain everything and then say, "Now, you tell me what you know."

GM: You explain to her how you saw this man at your bar when she was allegedly there as well, and your motivations. She seems amused by your romantic quest until you describe what he looked like that night.

"I have no idea who that is. Sorry."

Player: "I have a feeling your business will be temporarily suspended at Lonny Zone's."

GM: Anabelle quickly and furtively looks around her. She lowers her lips to your ear and in a low voice says as she puts your money back in your hand: "Listen, keep your money, Sarah, and take my advice: drop it. Tend to your bar and forget it. "

She starts to walk away.

Player: I grab her left wrist.

GM: It's conflict time. My intent is to leave you with an nCon .

I roll: Roll(1d10)+0:









Player: My intent is to get Anabelle to tell me what she knows.

I roll:










GM: No margin of success for either of us, and our goals don't conflict. Anabelle tells you:

"Listen, all I now is his first name name: Elias. We chatted some at your bar. He was good company, but he wasn't interested in business."

You can feel her start to shake a little.

Player: I release her wrist. "I know that you know more."

GM: "Sarah, look: He is probably involved in something bad. Two spooks got in my case about his whereabouts and what we talked about. I caught a flash of a tatoo on one of them..maybe Wan Brothers, but I didn't see too well. " A nervous look behind you, "Listen, that's all I know. Forget about any romantic bullshit with this guy. Get out of here. "

She walks away and leaves you there. You now have the nCon "Confused"

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