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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shock: God for a Day - redux

I tried finishing the Shock + GME game I had started, but I became bored and discouraged towards the end. There were just too many problems with the way I was doing things. I can think of a few right off the bat:
  •  getting into conflicts way too early. Probably a result of:
  • not making enough use of Mythic boolean questions to flesh out scenes, thus the scenes were pretty much flavorless
  • not paying enough attention to each character's issues to drive the scenes, which led the stories in directions that had nothing to do with the issues
  • not paying enough attention to the shock, which also left the scenes pretty flavorless
Basically, what I have on my notebook looks more like a plot outline than a fleshed out story.

So, I'll probably post my unfinished first try at some point, but I plan to re-play this game keeping in mind the above points. I'll still keep the same shock and issues, but the re-tread will be more focused, and more fleshed out.

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