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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shock: God For A Day - Fleshing out the Shock

I originally fleshed out the Shock and  Issues previously: Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Fleshing out the Shock Pt 1 (Brainstorming interpretations for Mythic's "suggestions") and
Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Brainstorming for Issues

Here I will attempt to do so again, using the same action/subject values that Mythic provided before. Hopefully these interpretations will be more workable and coherent.

Fleshing out the Shock:

  • Refuse Opulence:
    • The persons chosen to serve as God cannot have any personal property.
  • Recruit The Mundane:
    • Chosen ones are almost never from the ruling class, The Kinta, who also happen to be the enforcers.
  • Extravagance Expectations:
    • Serve God in this world, expect amazing rewards in the next world.
  • Subjects are induced to connect to the Godhead via a natural chemical that affects brain waves.

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