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Friday, June 16, 2017

Actual Play: Our Last Best Hope - The Killer Asteroid - Act 1 - Scene 4b - Taking on the Threat

I think this scene came out well. It was fun, in part because I got to engage more with the crunchy bits, and also got to engage with the parser (which output is the closest thing I've felt to roleplaying with someone, especially when the phrases pretty much demand no interpretation, or something close to that.)

Still using the text parser for dialogue and also now for a "Narrator" who might frame the scene. I'm using the the movie transcript text assigned to MIMIC (the MIMIC 'voice') for the Narrator and NPCs in this scene at least. 

I've still had to occasionally dig deeper into the parsed text for phrases that fit the context, especially when the conversations relate to relationships between characters. Chalk that down to the downside of randomness and the contents of the movie transcripts. A well chosen or constructed text to parse might fix this but I'm committed to the texts I assigned. 

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