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Friday, June 9, 2017

Actual Play: Our Last Best Hope - The Killer Asteroid - Act 1 - Scene 4a

Turns out I overlooked one rule of the game that says Threats should always equal the number of players. I don't know that it really affects me much, since I've been rolling randomly for what threats to take on.

As for whether I'll go beyond this last upcoming Threat before moving on to Act 2, I'm not sure yet. I can say that spotlight scenes keep my interest afloat as I dig into the personalities of the characters (with the help of the text parser for Hema and Catherine).

Speaking of the parser, for this session, I had to dig a bit deep into the generated content at times to find something that fit the context. It wasn't too bad, though, and the phrases that made sense in context still surprised me.

Interestingly, it took me more time for me to think about what I wanted to say as Brett, which requires no parser. Had this been a social game, I wouldn't have had the privilege to think about it so much. Yay for solo gaming.

Let's see how it goes when I take on the Threat next session.

p.s. I don't have a precise visualization of the character's environment. It's just vaguely the inside of a spaceship, though it feels somewhat big. Big enough that these two were able to have a short conversation with pregnant pauses and everything on the way to see Catherine. I'm pretty sure that if I really thought about it, it'd be ridiculous...but i"M not going to think about it.

------------------------ Act 1 - Scene 4 - Brett & Hema ---------------------------

(on the way to check on catherine...) 

brett: "when we get there, maybe it's better if you check on her." 

hema: ([ i would be grateful to her]) "i'll be glad to." 

brett: "thanks. it's just that things are a bit awkward between her and i right now." 

hema: ([throughout the day any second now]) "they've been awkward throughout the day." she smiles. 

brett: "oh, so you have noticed." 

hema: ([have picked up another splinter ]) "i pick up things here and there." clearly meant as an understatement. 

brett chuckles. 

after a brief pause, hema says: ([involved in construction of such an])"so i heard you were involved in the construction of an orphanage." 

brett nods. "in tibet. an old girlfriend and i always talked about adopting a kid from tibet. i guess it stayed in my mind." 

a pause. hema: ([before the disaster in the minds])"before my illness, i had children in mind too...([took him to a hospital six]) Then I was taken to a hospital and found out I had six months to live."

brett: "i'm sorry." 

hema: ([sorry to do this to you ]) "No. It's me who should be sorry for bringing you down."

Brett puts his hand on her shoulder. "No, please. I'm here for you." 

Another pause. Hema: ([ mind signing it sir thank you]) "Thank you."

Brett: "Don't thank me. Just promise me you'll come see the kids with me when we blow this asteroid to hell. 

Hema: ([ hello - will do as i]) "Yes...I'll go and say hello." She smiles. 

------------------------ END SCENE--------------------------

4. End of Act 1 & Act 2 Scene 2
5. Act 1: Scene 1: Taking on the Threat

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