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Thursday, November 30, 2017

#SGAM2017 - Remember Tomorrow - AIWA Entertainment - Intro Scene

The last intro scene, and my last entry for this year's Solo Gaming Appreciation Month!

Read the actual play without concordances, mechanics or notes below, or see all those things in the spreadsheet here: Remember Tomorrow - AIWA Entertainment - Intro Scene

Actual Play

When you had so much wealth at your disposal that you figuratively smelled of money, you got used to getting whatever you wanted. If you wanted Paris leather, you could have it. If you wanted a top quality boy toy, you could have him. If you wanted to have the boy toy's partner killed...well.

Of course, you'd have to be an idiot to try something like that...and to top it off, leave admissible evidence for the authorities to find like that idiot Elias Janssen did in California. That political scandal had wasted a fair bit of AIWA's resources and any good will the public might have had towards the company. The whole thing had almost instigated riots against Sense Net in some places. The company's prestige was still slow in recovering.

Still, it remained true that the object of your desires could be obtained as easily as you could get a cheese croisant-- so long as you had big money.

A voice chimed inside Yasmin Gómez's sub-basement simstim personal studio, interrupting her thoughts.

"I got the music you wanted"

At her command, the AI assistant played the music and a melodical piping poured out of a platinum terminal. She was thinking she would likely use it for her next simstim project.

"I want you to buy the rights to this piece."

"Would you like a visual art companion piece?"

Yasmin nodded, "Maybe." Then she wired into her simstim unit and said, "Show me, and I'll tell you what I want."

She continued to listen to the piped koto music as paintings and other works of art flashed by. When the AI showed her a blurred, fragmented visual of a mandala, Yasmin narrowed her eyes, more out of habit more than anything. In a way, she found this object quite inspired. Absentmindeldy massaging her thigh, she said, "I want you to check this out some more."

The AI directed an art history subroutine to look into its database tables. When the data was returned, the assistant informed Yasmin that this was hypothesized to be the result of an improbable collaboration of two Zurich artisans: Nino Rall and Res Levi. "The probability of finding such a work is low," the AI concluded.

But Yasmin had found something she really wanted. "Money has a way of changing the odds," she thought, "And I've got money."

"I want you to talk to Ali about finding this," Yasmin said aloud to her assitant.

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