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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Brainstorming for Issues

Pretty much the same process as brainstorming for a Shock. The difference is that these are chosen from current real world issues that are interesting to you. The Shock: Social Science Fiction goes into this in detail.

  1. Brainstorming for Issues
    • Me: Greed. I was thinking of business and corporations.
      Looking back on this, it has been kind of hard to relate this to the Shock that I ended up choosing. I’m stubborn, however, and I’m determined to make it fit.
    • M1: (Malice) (Goals): Interpreted as “Sabotage”. I was thinking in the vein of “Terrorism” at first, but “Sabotage” can occur in other ways so there’s a lot of breadth.
    • M2: (Controlling) (Intervention): This didn’t really come from the Mythic Event Meaning tables, but from a deck of cards called the “Bright Idea” deck.
      Anyway, interpreted it as “Free Will”, which immediately appealed to me as a question, in a spiritual/philosophical dilemma sort of way. In retrospect, I’m wondering if the idea is too vague to really work as an issue.

Now that the Shock and Issues are chosen, you can imagine how they’d fit in the Shock/Issue grid (available at the site). Each character is supposed to choose one intersection of the grid to explore. I was immediately excited about exploring the Everyone Gets To Be God For A Day/Free Will intersection of the grid.

The second thing is that each player has to own an Issue, and one player has to own the Shock as well. Owning one of these means that you get to say how that item works in the world. People can suggest ideas, but you have the last word.

This is how ownership ended up (I did it randomly by rolling dice):

  1. Shock- “Everyone Gets To Be God For A Day”. Owner: M2
  2. Issue- “Sabotage”. Owner: Me
  3. Issue- “Greed”. Owner: M1
  4. Issue- “Free Will”. Owner: M2

On the next post, I begin brainstorming for ideas to further flesh out the Shock and Issues with Minutiae (details).

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