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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Fleshing out the Shock Pt 1 (Brainstorming interpretations for Mythic's "suggestions")

I tried fleshing out the Shock by “ceding” some of that creative control to Mythic GME. Perhaps it’s not so much, “ceding” creative control, as allowing the Mythic Event Meaning table to randomly set limits of how you express those ideas.

My self-imposed rule with the Mythic GME is to never re-roll a result from an Event Meaning table. The reason for it is that it lets me enjoy a feeling of having some imagined opposition; a sort of independent “reaction.” It takes my thinking in unexpected directions so I’d rather work with what it gives me, rather than look for easy answers.

This rule has made fleshing the Shock and Issues a bit difficult for me. I felt that some of the subsequent Mythic “suggestions” for Minutiae, on the surface, seemed to clash with Minutiae that had been established before. I have not been successful in integrating them in a whole that makes sense to me, or appeals to my aesthetic. Of course, I could easily just ignore my rule, but that takes a big part of the fun away from me.

Where that leaves me right now is that the initial Minutiae I had derived from Mythic’s Event table results have been scrapped. The raw table results were kept, however. For now, I will limit myself to brainstorming some interpretations for Mythic’s suggestions (Shock, Issues, and extra Minutiae for the setting). My hope is that looking at the interpretations as a whole will make it easier to come up with Minutiae that form a pattern.

  1. Shock: Everyone Gets To Be God For A Day
    • M2: (Refuse)(Opulence)
      • Lots of refuse/trash
      • Trashy/Gaudy luxury
      • Literally refuse wealth / vows of poverty
    • M2: (Recruit) (The Mundane)
      • Make use of the mundane
      • Choose from the mundane people
      • Or, transposed: Mundane people are the choosers
    • M2: (Extravagance) (Expectations):
      • An extravagant # of expectations (from who?)
      • Expectations are extravagant (whose?)
      • Extravagant promises (from who?)
      • Extravagant future (my extravagant expectations for this world, perhaps)
      • Extravagant predictions (from who?)

Like I said, these are just possible interpretations for Mythic’s results. These do not constitute the Minutiae for the shock, yet. I am hoping to derive some Minutiae from these that will make sense in light of the Minutiae for the Issues.

On the next post, I begin brainstorming for interpretations of Mythic’s “suggestions” for its Issues. I will ignore my own Issue, as I think I will have an easier time coming up for its Minutiae in a way that fits with the others.

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