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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Sercet's Scene #1 (M1)

To begin, I will let Mythic Player 1 (M1) "describe" what Sercet, his young scientist-priest is doing. The scene should be static.

M1: (Harm)(Environment)

Scene Interpretation: Sercet is, as usual, busy at his lab. This time he is selectively destroying cells in his neuron cell culture. His obession is to understand the process whereby the brain allows a person to be one with God.
The scene thus set, now it's the Antagonist's turn to push the Protagonist.

M2: (Violate)(Bureocracy)
Scene Interpretation: Sercet's assistant interrupts him, to let him know of a bureocracy official who wishes to talk to him. Sercet receives the official and learns that the equipment logs indicate that proper procedure has not been followed in procuring lab equipment. This will be grounds for a fine and a suspension.
This is our first Conflict. The stakes are as follows:

M1: (Block)(Plans): If Sercet wins, he produces proof that procedure was followed, and thus convinces the bureocrat that a system error must have ocurred during record keeping. He is using love of his research to convince the bureocrat.

2d10: 4, 10
M2: 4d4: 4, 2, 2, 3

          M1 succeeds with 10, but M2 has a 4 opposing roll. M1 roll now falls at 6, right on the fulcrum.
          Escalate: The bureocrat is adamant that the system makes no mistake. The argument becomes more contentious.
M2 gets to say what happens if this escalated roll fails:
  • (Trick)(Anger) If M1 fails the roll, Sercet loses his temper and attacks the bureocrat. This will cause the permanent termination of his research.
2d10: 6, 1

M2: 4d4: 2,  3, 4, 1

M1 fails.

M2: (Extravagance)(Legal Matters): If M2 (antagonist bureocrat) wins, Sercet's mentor, the retired scientist-priest, is charged with heresy and arrested. This is an act of conformity.
         1d10: 4

         M1: 1d4: 3
 M2 fails.
Me (audience roll):
  • 1d4: 3 (will not use it)
Interpretation of results:

Sercet loses his temper and shoves the bureocrat. This prompts disciplinary action and his research project is shut down, and he is also suspended.

M1: (Take)(Love) Charges against the retired scientist are dismissed. Rumor has it that an influential friend had a hand in that decision.

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