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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Fleshing out other setting details Pt 2: Setting Minutiae

  1. Other Minutiae
    • M1: (Recruit)(A Plot)
      • [Interpret "Plot" as a plot of land] People are enlisted from youth to work on small plots of land, often beautiful gardens. This is one way in which people are indoctrinated to serve others, and commune with nature/creation. Many people volunteer themselves in their adulthood.
    • M1: (Divide) (Advice)
      • The current state of society is a result of a series of schisms that occurred in the distant past. The current orthodoxy came out victorious and other interpretations have been suppressed ever since.
    • M1: (Kill) (Expectations)
      • Non-conformists can pretty much expect to have no future. Society is such people are often ostracized, and have doors closed on them.
    • M2: (Dominate) (Ambush)
      • High tech surveillance technology is available but anathema to society, so the Inquisition keeps would-be heretics and free thinkers in line by the use of spies.
    • M2: (Betray) (Advice)
      • In a similar way, people have been programmed to inform on any would-be heretics or free thinkers.
    • M2: (Work Hard) (Nature)
      • This is societies that believes in working hard to both nurture creation and enjoy its fruits. Theirs is a society advanced in the science of biochemistry.
    • ME:
      • This society uses its advanced knowledge of biochemistry to nurture nature in certain directions (basically control it). Their cities are full of vegetation that conforms to a particular aesthetic and order.
    • ME:
      • This knowledge of biochemistry has also been used to "reform" dissenters.

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