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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Setting Summary so far (or coherency check)

I just wanted to run this by you folks. I'm nearly finished with the details for my Shock game setting. I'm reposting a short summary of the setting so far, partly as a sort of coherency check:
The setting involves a theocratic society advanced in the science of biochemistry. Their religion is built around the concept that everyone gets to channel Godhood once in their lives, and thus allow Cosmic Law to manifest itself through them. This mystical state of mind is achieved through mind altering technology-- possibly a drug.

The current Orthodoxy is ancient. It rose out of a number of competing interpretations, and has maintained its dominance ever since by thorough indoctrination, and by swift suppression of any unorthodox creeds. Most of society conforms joyfully and seeks harmony.

Despite this, however, the Orthodoxy has not been able to completely stamp out free thinking. Thus acts of non-conformism are not unheard of. One example is the creation of the drug [need a cool name]; an attempt to undermine the Orthodoxy by making Godhood widely available outside the control of the religious institution. Despite the best intentions of its creators, the drug is highly addictive and its withdrawal symptoms produce horrible visions. Still, there is a demand for it, and it is available in the black market.

Another defining characteristic of this society is its biochemical control of nature, balanced by a nurturing attitude towards Creation. This outlook can be witnessed in their city planning, and in their doctrines.

I welcome any constructive input. Particularly I'm looking for suggestions in terms of names for the drug I mention. I would also like to come up with a better name for the Orthodoxy's enforcing arm, which so far I call the Inquisition. Thank you in advance!

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