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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Erro's Scene #1 (Me)

Note: I don't have my notes with me, so I'm writing down the game events from memory.

Scene setup:

  • Me: Erro is sitting in his Kinta office. As is usual, he is in a meeting with one of his subordinates, discussing the particulars of a routine case. Erro is no longer directly involved in investigations, or in dirty dealings. He carries that out through his subordinates, in a mutually beneficial way: He gets recognition for having a stellar team that gets thing done. His subordinates learn the ins and outs of his way of conducting business, and they get the benefits and favor from a high ranking official such as him.
  • M2: (Investigate)(Intrigues): After Erro's meeting, his assistant informs him that a young investigator named Dygojikan has left a message requesting a meeting. It regards one of the more recent cases which his protégé, Rupko, had worked on. He has requested that Erro get back to him.
  • Me: Erro instructs his assistant to convey how busy his office is, and to direct the young investigator to the case files on record. Erro knows that they are in order, and it's very unlikely anyone will find anything untowards in them.
  • M2:(Spy)(Love): Erro's assistant says that the investigator has a witness in Rupko's lover, who was sent as a spy.

We have a Conflict:

  • Me: If Erro wins, everything in the case files is found to conform to the rules, and no evidence of wrongdoing is found for this case. The only thing the investigator would have is the word of the spy, which is not enough to charge anyone with a crime. This is an act of conformity.
  • M2: (??)(Inside) If M2 wins, someone close to Erro agrees to gather evidence and inform on him. This is an act of love for justice.

  • Me: Failed roll
  • M2: Succeeded roll
  • Interpretation: Rupko was not thoroughly careful and left enough evidence of case tampering which the spy found. As a result, Rupko will be charged, which at the very least will make Erro look bad. The young investigator, Dygojikan, also convinced someone close to Erro to find evidence of Erro's corruption.

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