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Monday, April 5, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Protagonists

Player: M1

Character concept: (Starting)(Intrigues): Younger, new scientist-priest, whose brilliant discoveries have begun to fascinate his colleagues.
Shock: God For A Day
Issue: Sabotage
Name: Sercet

  • (crisis)(restlesness): Edgy and impatient when faced with a dilemma.
  • (doing)(persuasion): Persuasive in his arguments.
  • (resolve)(learning): Tenacious in the search for knowledge.

  • (Attach)(Intrigues): Rather fond of a retired scientist-priest with radical ideas.
  • (Work Hard) (Magic): Obsessed with explaining the supernatural in terms of science.

Story Goal: (Desert)(Emotions): Transcend all passions.

Praxis Scale:

Comformity vs Non-Comformity - 8
Love vs. Hate - 6
Player: M2

Character concept: (Take)(A Burden): Pious Kinta (Inquisition) member who considers it his obligation to protect the flock.
Shock: God For A Day
Issue: Free Will
Name: Kaluvan


  • (Transform)(Balance): Believes that the only way to protect the flock is to change all balance of power to the Kinta (Inquisition).  
  • (Deceive)(Evil) : Will battle against the evil ones who deceive the flock.
  • (Work Hard)(Good): Dedicates all his energy to the greater good.


(Neglect)(Misfortune): Deeply cares about an orphan abandoned and neglected by his sinful parents.

(Work Hard) (Good): The Kinta (Inquisition)

Story Goal: (Open)(Military): Put all of the ruling power directly into the hands of the Kinta (Inquisition).

Praxis Scale:

Comformity vs Non-Comformity - 3

Love vs. Hate - 4

Player: ME

Character concept: Higher level official of the Kinta, who has attained power by setting up and then busting those dealers he supplied with the illicit drug Lilik (Union).

Shock: God For A Day

Issue: Greed

Name: Erro

  • Pious on the surface, but secretly cynical.
  • His only honest devotion, other than power, is his handicapped brother.
  • Has corrupted his subordinates as well.
  • His handicapped brother.
  • The belief that God is a self-inflicted lie.
Story Goal: To pay for his transgressions (comeuppance).

Praxis Scale:

Comformity vs Non-Comformity - 4

Love vs. Hate - 5


Whew, it took me a while to come up with my character, in a way that made sense to me. I hope this habit of being so picky pays off.
As I was thinking about this character, I also began to worry that the Shock is not permeating the Issues directly enough. Or, more accurately, that the real Shock is not actually to be God For A Day, but the belief that Godhood can be attained through technology. Nonetheless, I've decided to leave things as they are, and chalk it off to experience if things don't work out as expected in this first game.

Note: I also used Bruce's suggestion to look at other languages, and derived the names loosely from foreign translations of their issues (Sabotage, Free Will and Greed).

On the next two posts, I hope to flesh out the Antagonists and decide on the Praxis scales.

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