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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Issue: Free Will
Shock: God For A Day


  • Transform-Balance
    • Change is how God brings balance.
  • Deceive-Evil
    • Untruth is an abomination.
  • Work Hard- Good
    •  Must work for the better good with diligence
  • Can I ever be in control of my real self?
  • Neglect- Misfortune
    • Nok and Erishti. The family he left behind to answer God's call
  • Work Hard - Good
    • God rewards sacrifice.
Story Goal:
  • Open-Military
    • Open the gates for God's Army
Praxis Scale

Submission vs Rebellion - 3
Truth vs Lies - 4

Kaluvan’s Antagonist

  • Return-Love
    • Ianego: old childhood friend who was like a brother.
  • Attach-Ambush
    • Kaluvan and Ianego still share a strong childhood bond, which Kanego can exploit.

Submission vs Rebellion 7
Truth vs Lies 7

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