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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kaluvan's Scene #1

Does the color White signify purity in this culture? 65% 95: No
Knowledge? 65% 21: Yes
Are people forced to serve as Oracles? 30% 64: No
Coerced? 60% 39: Yes

The white halij that covers Kaluvan doesn’t feel so alien any longer. The hall he now walks in has become as familiar as the purification ritual that awaits him. The columns that reach up into the frescoed sky still humble him, however; everything in the Sacred City still fills him with awe -- imperfect as it must be compared to the wonders of Paradise.

Two years have passed since he was chosen to serve as Medium; since he had to choose between those he loves and God. Erishti, strong in her faith, gave him the strength to do what's right. Little Nok was too young to understand. Kaluvan knows he should not feel guilty, but his boy's tears are still etched in his memory. Only the knowledge that his sacrifice pleases God, and the knowledge that he'll see them again in due time, keeps him going.

He has now arrived for his purification, as today he will again be one with God; the privileged recipient of His will for His people.

Will Kaluvan meet his old friend now? 60% 94 No (I was asking if he'd meet his Antagonist now)
Does Kaluvan’s purification involve someone else? 50% 36 Yes
Will it be someone familiar this time? 50% 16 Yes
Is it a male? 60% 71 No
(It begs the question.) Does purification involve ritual sexual contact? 30% 83 No

Kaluvan finds that Sinamar is already waiting for him. Though physically younger, she is his elder in the faith having been a servant for much longer than him.

“I see a dark cloud obscuring your peace, Kaluvan.”

Feeling somewhat guilty, Kaluvan admits “I was thinking of Nok. Erishti.”

“Do not feel guilt for the love you feel,” says Sinamar as she grasps his head and touches her forhead to his in greeting. “You will see them again. Soon. Isho”

“Isho. Yes, if He so wills it.”

“Should we begin?”

“Yes, Sinamar.”

Sinamar's voice is like a songbird taking flight; her chanting soothing to his soul. Soon, she will stop her prayers and begin to guide him to that place of peace where he can empty himself; where he can become a vessel to be filled by His Will.

“As you follow the light, Kaluvan, let all your thoughts melt like snow...into nothingness...We are but a speck in the totality...of the totality...we become nothing and everything.”

Soon, Kaluvan finds himself ready.

Does Sinamar inject him with something painful? 60% 17 Yes
Is God a female? 50% 03 Extreme Yes

Suddenly, he feels fire inside his neck, coursing through his veins and into his head. Helpless to stop it. “What’s happening!”, but the words do not even take form.

He hears Her call him, “Kaluvan”. Her? How can that be? “Trust” Her? Something has gone wrong. Sinamar must be playing a trick on him. Mischief. It's not like her. “Kaluvan. My child. I am calling all my children to me. Surrender, and do my will.”

* I did not want him to surrender, but Mythic initiated the First Shock: Social Science Fiction conflict here- see breakdown in separate post (blog)*
Kaluvan used Truth  for this roll, as his sense of Truth, what he's always believed is being challenged.
The Antagonist, per Mythic, used Rebellion. This is interpreted as the Antagonist character being used Rebelling against the current order.

Surrender? Yes...No! It is not right. "My child...come to me." Kaluvan struggles with all his will, but slowly he realizes he cannot win this battle. It is Mother after all. We all must go to her; surrender to her love. "My child, this is my will. For all of you. My revelation."

Kaluvan vainly tries to hold on to this wonderful feeling, to this moment, but everything fades back into Sinamar's worried visage. He only remembers being guided into Emptiness, then...nothing.

Sinahar sees the question reflected in his eyes, "What happened?"

"Kaluvan, you had a reaction to the Bhesh when you inhaled it."

Is this unheard of? 50% 52 No

Kaluvan knows that certain states of mind can be dangerous while under the influence of the Bhesh. He already begins to feel embarrassed and guilty, yet something still tugs at him.

"Forgive me, Sinamar, for my sentimentality. I should be more disciplined."

Caressing his face, "Do not apologize, sweet Kalu. Your love for your family is a bright light in darkness." Pressing her forehead to his, "Wait here while I call for someone to tend to you. Isho."


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