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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sercet Scene #1

Sercet is quietly sitting on a park, watching Rhea as she teaches them about the mysteries of God; about his Creaton. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and it shows in the way the children react to her. A part of him regrets not having the same gift for moving hearts, but that is His will.
He becomes aware of the joy inside him, of which she is the cause. He wonders: Does she even suspect how deep his feelings go? 

Will the antagonist try to undermine Rhea's faith? 50% 87 No. The children's faith.
Will it come from one of the children? 60% 22 Yes
Random Event: NPC Action
Event Meaning: 92 Vengeance
Event Action:  38 A Path

As Sercet is watching, he notices two of the little boys shoving each other. The bigger one ends up hitting the smaller one, who starts to bawl. He can't hear, but it's plain that Rhea is scolding the boys as she separates them.  The boys seem to be listening to their yasu, but the older brat suddenly throws a temper tantrum at something Rhea said. Sercet clearly hears him screech, "I wish I was Kinta, then I could do whatever I want!" The boy suddenly becomes aware of Sercet, and breaks into tears.

Sercet approaches the boy with the intention of calming him down. While he wants the child's respect, he does not want his fear.

(See conflict here.)
First he greets, Rhea. They do not touch foreheads, as that would be much too familiar. A slight bow of his head is more than appropriate, "Greetings, yasu Rhea."

"Greetings, yassat Sercet," she responds, her voice sounding pleased, and her eyes smiling.

"Yasu, would you be offended if I talk to the child?"

"Of course not. Please do as you wish. His name is Haroun."

Kneeling before the boy, who, out of fear, has stopped crying, "No need to fear, young man. I am not here to punish anyone."

As the young man, between sniffles, still did not reply, Sercet continued: "Truth be told, Haroun, I only came here because I did not want you to cry or be scared. I think it's good for you to speak your mind."

He could see the question in Haroun's face, "Really?"

Sercet made an affirmative gesture with his head. "I also speak my mind when people do things they shouldn't do, including other Kinta."

"You do?", Haroun finally speaks.

"Yes, my friend. If I think that someone in the Kinta has done any wrongdoing, should I not say something?"

Haroun thinks, "I suppose you should, yassat."

"I think so too. We are supposed to be guardians of the flock. I will not let anyone, Kinta or not, do as they please if it harms even one of God's children. Do you understand?"

At this, Haroun smiles, satisfied with Sercet's explanation. "Yes, yassat."

"Now, don't you think you owe an apology to your friend, and to yasu Rhea for how you behaved?"

Haroun, looking subdued, "Yes, yassat."

"Good. Remember, care for your brothers and sisters. We are all from God. Now,  your yasu and your friends are waiting for you. Go now with my blessing, my child."

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