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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kaluvan's Scene #1 - Conflict Breakdown

I don’t want Kaluvan to surrender yet. So, I will resist this. Does Mythic agree? 50% 56 No. There’s a conflict.


Kaluvan: If I win, Kaluvan not only does not surrender, but he comes out of the trance.

Antagonist: If Mythic wins, Kaluvan retains no conscious memory of this episode as Sinamar guides him into burying it away in the recesses of his mind.

Kaluvan will use Truth, because this does not match his conception of Truth as he believes it to be:

Praxis: Truth vs Lies - 4

2d10: 5,3 (Need to roll over 4)



Mythic will use 2 credits (11 credits left after this).

Will Mythic use Submission vs Rebellion? 50% 42 Yes

Will it use Submission? 50% 63 No. It will use Rebellion as Sinamar is acting in rebellion to the current order. 

Praxis: Submission vs Rebellion 7

1d10: 3 (Need under 7)

1d4: 4


Will the audience use its dice? 50% 53Yes

Will it use it to help Kaluvan? 50% 62 No

It will be used to help Sinamar. Since it cannot change the result of her stake, it helps her 1d4.

1d4: 2 (Would be used to help Antagonist's 1d10 or 1d4, but it's not needed)

Kaluvan cannot resist and after much struggle, surrenders to Her.
Sinamar succeeds in guiding Kaluvan towards burying this memory.

Kaluvan wins a new Feature as a result of this conflict: "Can I ever be in control of my real self?"

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