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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sercet's Scene #1: Conflict Breakdown

Is Mythic going to enter into conflict with me? 80% 45 - Yes

Sercet's stakes:
If Sercet wins, he is able to calm the boy, and strengthen the children's faith with his talk to them.

Antagonist stakes:

If Mythic wins, does his talk induce one of the children closest to Rhea to "rat her out", unintentionally. The child says something that shows Rhea's thinking is at odds with the Kinta.

Sercet will use Truth, as his Faith compells him to understand it.

Truth vs Lies 6: Need to roll over 6.
2d10: 5, 10
1d4: 3

Antagonist/Mythic will use Truth.
Will Mythic use more than 4 credits? 50% 54 No
Will it use 4 credits? 50% Yes
Will it use 3d10? No

Truth vs Lies: 5. Need to roll over 5
2d10: 4, 7.
1d4: 2

Will the Audience participate? 50%: 65 No

Sercet roll, after modifiers, succeeds. (10-2 = 8)

Antagonist roll, after modifiers, fails. (7-3=4).

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