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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Issue: Sabotage
Shock: God For A Day

  • Crisis- Restlessness
    •  Feels restless. A premonition that disaster is at hand.
  • Doing - Persuasion
    • Hearts must be moved to action.
  • Resolve-Learning
    • The truth will bring resolution one way or another.

  • Attach - Intrigues
    • Rhea. He secretly is in love with her free and bright spirit, in an otherwise solemn life calling.
  • Work Hard - Magic
    • Devotion to God brings about miracles.

Story Goal
  • Desert Emotions: To feel abandoned and broken hearted.  
Praxis Scale
Submission vs Rebellion - 8
Truth vs Lies - 6

Sercet’s Antagonist:

  • Triumph-Liberty
    • Faction of rebellion that want “liberation” in the total sense: from the Kinta, and from religion.
  • Develop-Pain
    • Debilitating illness that has set upon him.

Submission vs Rebellion 6

Truth vs Lies 5

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