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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Fleshing out the Issues Pt 2: First Issue Minutae

Here I now try to gel some of those brainstormed interpretations into some actual Minutiae for each Issue:

  1. Issue: Greed. Owner: M1
    • M1: (Debase)(Reality)
      • There is an underground market for a powerful mind altering drug, which makes the person feel as if he's one with God, or experience Godhood. Drug is expensive and illegal.
    • M1: (Intolerance) (Dreams)
      • A side effect of this drug is that its withdrawal symptoms cause the person to have horrible dreams and visions. This gets worse the more dependent on the substance the person is.
  2. Issue: Free Will. Owner: M2
    • M2: (Bestow) (Fears)
      • There are two ways the Inquisition [need a better name], uses fear. One way is through indoctrination, which inculcates the fear of never returning to God or being one with God. The other, used sparingly, is terror to keep the few unbelievers and transgressors in line.
    • M2: (Communicate) (Dispute)
      • Despite these efforts, isolated instances of free thinking do manifest in small pockets, and do have a tendency to either "infect" other people, or cause disharmony when they clash with the rest of the populace, who tend to be true believers.
  3. ME: Sabotage
    • The mind altering drug was introduced by rogue scientists as an attempt to make Godhood widely available outside the imposed rules. This was an attempt to affect a major shift in society.
    • Whatever pockets of resistance there have been, few have been large or organized. Sabotage usually takes place in personal acts of disobedience or insubordination.

I think this is enough detail for now as far as the Shock and Issues go. On my next post, I will add some more Minutiae that will flesh out other details of the world, to make it come more alive.

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