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Monday, January 10, 2011

Erro Scene #1

[Is Erro participating in a ceremonial innaguration? 50%  68 - No]

[Is there an innaguration going on? 60% 18-yes]

Erro is standing by the window of his office quarters, watching the ceremonial innaguration of [Desert, Power] the Sun Fields, a solar energy harvest system of monumental proportions.

[Is there an ongoing war effort against "infidels"? 50% 12 Yes]

The Sun Fields will go to help in the production of armaments for the war effort against the enemies of God's Children.

[Is this being "sold" by the elite as an act of self-defense against foreign agression? 60%  57 yes]

Erro feels a certain sense of pride in the accomplishments, congratulating himself, and the Kinta, on effective management of the working caste, who sacrifice themselves for the glory and defense of their "God". The war has been specially profitable in bringing needed raw materials needed by any worthy civilization-- and what a civilized life he lives, he internally chuckles. Is it not their duty as leaders to raise up their subjects? And is it not the right of the Kinta to rise higher still?

[Time to push this Protagonist a little. Is there anyone opposed to the escalation of this war? 50% 7 Extreme Yes]

As Erro is thus meditating, he is interrupted by Cavanu, who struggles in with his crutches. Self-righteous fool, would be Erro's description of Cavanu.  A perfect example of how physical feebleness can lead to a feeble mind that looks for comfort outside of rationality.

Erro does not even move to help the pious fool, who could be cured of his ailment if he wished, but has chosen to serve as an example of God's justice.

Struggling painfully to sit himself, uninvited, at one of the chairs near the desk, Cavanu states, "I know how much you hate the sight of me. I'm a reminder of our collective sin as Kinta."

"What brings you here, Cavanu."

"Proud of what your deceit has built, Father?" Erro cannot distinguish whether it's pain or venom that he detects in that last word.

Erro does not dignify the question with an answer.

"It's not only mad," Cavanu continues. "it's ungodly."

"Blasphemy against the Oracles is punishable by death, even for the Kinta. I cannot-"

Cavanu cuts him off with a bitter laugh. "The Oracles are full of the lies that you feed them with!"

"That's enough! One more word out of you, and I'll charge you with Blasphemy." Erro coldly threatens.

[Erro's intent here is to leash Cavanu in by intimidation. To make him submit. He uses Truth, because he is not above sacrificing his own son to maintain his power.]

[Conflict notes here]

Cavanu rebels and loudly tells him, "Go ahead, just like you did to Mother!". In his rage, he vainly attempts to attack Erro with his crutches. Erro tries to get him off of him, he causes Cavanu to hit the floor hard, and fracture his delicate bones.

As Cavanu moans in agony, others rush in to be greeted by the scene, with Erro looking disheveled and out of control.

He yells at the orderlies that are gaping wide mouthed. "Don't just stand there! Take him to his room and procure a healer!"

His mind is already wondering how he will deal with the other in the Kinta.  He turns back to watching the Sun Fields, unable to enjoy the spectacle now as a shadow passes over his visage. Gossip travels fast.

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