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Monday, January 10, 2011

Erro's Scene #1: Conflict Breakdown

[Does Mythic go along with this (i.e. Does Mythic NOT initiate a conflict here) ? Very Unlikely 25% 10 - No, Mythic does not go along with this. Conflict begins.]

[Erro's Stake: Intimidate Cavanu into standing down by using the cold vile Truth that he will turn his son in. I will use 2d10 to make that happen, and 1d4 to defend.]

Praxis Scale
Truth vs Lies- 5

Need to roll over 5:
2d10: 1, 3
1d4: 2

[Cavanu's Stake: To call attention to Erro in a negative way. He will use Truth. Roll 1d4 for how many credits will be used: 3 credits. Will two of those be d10's? 50% 29-Yes 2d10.]

Praxis Scale
Truth vs Lies 4

Need to roll over 4:
2d10: 5, 9
1d4: 3

[Will the Audience participate? 50% 3-Yes. Will it help Erro? 50% 41 yes.]

1d4: 2

Erro's Results: 3 + 2 [from Audience] = 5, which falls right onto the Praxis Scale's fulcrum. This means that the conflict escalates. It becomes more physical when Cavanu attacks his father.
Erro's stakes remain the same, but the conflict has become more physical.
[The antagonist now gets to tell what happens if Erro fails. Does Mythic agree with the idea that Erro accidentally kills Cavanu in the bitter struggle? 60% 74-No. Hurts him badly, but does not kill him.]
2d10: 7, 6
1d4: 4
[Does Audience participate?  60%: 64 - No. Audience stays out of it this time around.]
Erro fails.

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