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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shock: God for a Day - redux: Self assessment of play so far

I've just realized that I've been doing something wrong.  I have created new Minutiae as part of narration, but not when resolving conflict per the Shock: rules. I kind of blew the Audiene part by not narrating circumstance using existing Minutiae, or writing down new ones. Not too much of a big deal, but the description of the world at the moment feels sparse.

The rules say that Minutia can be added at any time in the game for use by anybody. The only constraint is that everyone at the table has to OK it. Not sure how I want to do this. Do I:
  •  Write down whatever I feel is cool [and take away any sort of surprise]
  • Suggest an idea and have Mythic "ratify" it [waste of time?]
  • Suggest an idea and use Mythic's Action/Subject to warp it [add a bit of surprise, and keep something I like]
Probably will go with a combination of the above. After all, I'm the Boss Man. :)

Regarding conflicts, I've been looking carefully at the Protagonist's links and Shock/Issue intersection, which has made made the conflicts more satisfying to me. I feel that, unlike my previous try, this time the narration is more tightly focused.

I've also looked at the Minutiae that make up the Antagonist, but I have not used them directly. At best, the Antagonist's Minutiae are being used obliquely, or really not much at all. I think I had trouble thinking of interesting ways of using them, so perhaps those Minutiae are kind of "anemic", for lack of a better word.

Anyway, I need an ongoing post listing all of the Minutia, including those that were created as part of the natural narration process.  I think that will help in coming up with conflicts as well.

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