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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Updated compilation of Minutiae

Minutiae for the Shock (God for a Day) session:
  • The persons chosen to serve as God cannot have any personal property.
  • Chosen ones are almost never from the ruling class, The Kinta, who also happen to be the enforcers.
  • Serve God in this world, expect amazing rewards in the next world.
  • Subjects are induced to connect to the Godhead via a natural chemical that affects brain waves (Bhesh). The subject is hypnotically guided by someone older in the faith.
  • The substance named "Bhesh" is inhaled. (Unanswered: Can it be injected? What was injected in Kaluvan?)
  • Bhesh can cause the subject to experience a hallucinatory reaction.  
  • Subjects often serve God by being recruited to fullfill and fulfill his Divine Design as defined by the leadership.
  • It is the will of the All Kowing that a select few of his servants [the Kinta] live apart from the rest of his subjects, in the glorious Sacred City.
  • The Kinta's role is that of rulers and shepherds.
  • Is the current vision of God false? Is God in fact a Goddess? Is there no God? [Implied in narration but unanswered.]
Minutiae for Issue: Greed

  • Your dreams, your problems, your hopes, your whole life, your reality is unimportant insofar as it doesn't serve your God and his Grand Design. All your energies are to be devoted to Him and his glorification.
  • Other creeds, philosopies or desires that go against what God requires of you are against the law. All of your resources must go to the service of God.
  • A war against "unbelievers" is taking place. This war is being used to maintain power and provide resources to maintain lifestyle of Kinta. The Sun Fields was built to aid in this war. [Stated via narration. What's unanswered is who these unbelievers are?]
Minutiae for Issue: Sabotage

  • There is an underground conspiracy to undermine the current planetary order.
  • Sabotage involves secret propaganda and use of memes. [Implied in narration]
  • Have rebels infiltrated the ranks of the Oracles/Mediums with visions of a "Goddess"? [Implied in narrration but unanswered.]
  • Is there a widespread perception in the population that the Kinta have Carte Blanche to do anything? Is this being encouraged by the penetration of the Rebellion? [Discontent implied in narration but details unanswered.Whether the population is widely for the Rebellion or neutered by the established indoctrination is unanswered.]

Issue: Free Will

  • Opposition is kept in check via the use of fear. [So far, I've only implied this in narration.]
  • Speaking out against those over you is to rebel against God.[So far, I've only implied this in narration.]
  • Is there a Goddess that can make you love her against your free will? Is the use of hypnosis in conjunction with Besh (or some other substance?) enough to do that? [implied in narration but unanswered conclusively]
  • Hypnosis in conjunction with a substance (Bhesh?) can bury a person's memories against their will. [Implied in the narration.Can those memories be recovered? Unanswered.]

Other Minutia
  • People close to each other usually greet by touching foreheads and uttering the blessing "Isho." Otherwise, they bow their head. The depth of their bow implies their social position relative to each other. [Implied in narration.]
  • Social position or role determines the title by which someone addresses you. Yasu is used for teachers. Yassat is used for those in the Kinta.
  • There are cures for birth defects, and handicaps. Medicine seems to be very advanced. [Implied in narration] 
  • Kinta of higher rank can overrule Kinta of lower rank on the spot. A group of peers can perform inquiries on any member, but they must provide evidence and be willing to make their case.

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