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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sercet Scene #2 - Conflict Breakdown

Sercet's Scene #2:

School is over and the kids have been sent home. Sercet and Rhea are now walking on the same park where the children had their outing. He enjoys debating matters of faith and authority with her, as she is very sharp and fearless with him. They enjoy a special kind of rapport.
  • Step 1: Choose Minutiae from the Shock
    • It is the will of the All Kowing that a select few of his servants [the Kinta] live apart from the rest of his subjects, in the glorious Sacred City. 
  • Step 2: Choose Minutiae from the Issue(s)
    • For the Issue associated with your character, ask Mythic: Will any Minutae from this Issue be used? Odds 70 . 93-No. (I may have to create some new ones)
  • Step 3: Additional Minutiae

    • Ask Mythic: Will any other existing Minutae be used? Odds: 50% 57-No
  • Step 4: "Destroy the Protagonist's Life"
Haroun's family is being split, despite Sercet's assurances to the boy. Someone must have informed on them. Involved with that are accussations of a plot involving the Sun Fields. This has brought attention to Sercet's mingling with non-Kinta. They are supposed to be apart; holy. Furthermore, his impulse towards "reformation" is encouraging rebellion. He is to cut off all contact with non-Kinta.

Sercet, of course, will challenge this with his superiors and make them back off. [Will Mythic declare this a conflict? Odds 70% - 82 - No]

Sercet is knowledgeable in the interpretations of the law, and his own position carries weight, so Sercet succeeds in making the Kinta back off from Haroun's family and Sercet's own involvement with the non-Kinta.

However, the whole incident scares Rhea into distancing herself from Sercet, seeing as it endangers her and her students. [Mythic Twist: Return Status Quo] Not only that, the scare has provoked her to think that the Kinta is right! They should not be mingling so freely or debating religion so freely. Sercet will convince her of her error, and of the fact that reform is needed. [Will Mythic declare this a conflict? Odds 70% - 6- Extreme Yes]

[Sercet's stake: If he wins he brings Rhea to his way of thinking, to the need for reform, and allays her fears.

He will use Rebellion.
Submission vs Rebellion - 8. Sercet must roll under 8
2d10: 1, 9
1d4: 3

Antagonist's Stake: The incident so affects Rhea, that along with Sercet's prior debates and views, she becomes completely radicalized beyond what Sercet imagined

(New rule: Since the Shock: rules book states that Antagonitsts should use between 3 and 6 credits, I will randomize as follows with a 1d4:
1 = 3 credits
2 = 4 credits
3 =  5 credits
4 = 6 credits)

1d4: 5 credits (4 credits left)
Antagonist will use Rebellion.
Submission vs Rebellion 6. Antagonist must roll under 6.

Will Antagonist use 4d10? Odds 65% (Somewhat Likely) - 46 - Yes)

4d10: 5, 4, 2, 5
2d4: 4, 4

Will Audience participate? Odds 50%, 67-No
Results: Sercet succeeds with his roll of 1 (+4 from Antagonist = 5, which is still under 8).
Antagonist roll of 2 + 4 (from Sercet) lands right on the Fulcrum of the Praxis Scale. Escalate!]

Interpretation: Sercet succeeds in convincing Rhea of the need to reform and resist the things that are unreasonable and wrong with the Kinta and the way it rules.

[Antagonist's roll lands on Fulcrum]

However, he sees that he may have awakened something more in Rhea. He sees the internal struggle in her. Is it enough to just resist some of it? Do we just need to get rid of the whole Kinta? Is the religion even necessary to live? She is screaming this all out loud while defacing everything having to do with Kinta in sight. Daring Seret to answer, while Sercet is struggling to silence her lest they both be punished.

[Mythic's twist: Passion Opulence]

She is also railing against the disgusting opulence the Kinta lives in while everyone else sacrifices their lives and their dreams.

[Reroll Antagonist stake:

Antag: 4d10: 9, 2, 2, 6

Sercet: 1d4: 4

Will Audience participate? Odds 50% - 38 Yes
Will it help the Antagonist? Odds 50% - 75 No. It will help Sercet.

The Antagonist fails his intent (2+4+3 > 6).]

Rhea's meltdown starts to attract attention from others, and when she realizes this, she gets a hold of herself.

[Mythic's Twist: Passion Illusion]:  Her passionate meltdown draws attention, but when she sees what is in people's faces, she sees her own powerlessness to totally overthrow the system. She sees it as a pipe dream.

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