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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kaluvan's Scene #2 - Conflict Breakdown

[Will Mythic use more than one Minutiae? 50% 15-yes. Will it be 1d4 from now on? 50% 35-Yes. 1d4 roll was 2.]

[Will it use Minutia from the Shock? 50% - 19: Yes. Randomly selected the following:
  • The Kinta's role is that of rulers and shepherds.
  • Subjects are indoctrinated from birth to serve God and fulfill his Divine Design.
Will it use Minutia from the Issue? 65% - 70 No. OK will have to think about how the two above will be used in light of Free Will...

Will it threaten one of Kaluvan's links? 50% - 35: Yes.
  • "God rewards sacrifice" chosen randomly.

Action: Ianego will come to give Kaluvan bad news: Word has reached the Kinta overseers about Kaluvan's reaction to the Bhesh. While not unheard of, they are concerned for his well being and that of his family. They believe he should remain in the monastery for three more years in order for him to grow spiritually. This of course means that he won't see his family for that long

How will Mythic modify this? Action/Subject table roll: Abandon/Plans.

OK, it's much more cruel than I thought. Kaluvan will be expected to completely abandon his family. God has greater plans for him, and they are for him to serve Him the rest of his life. ]

[Given Kaluvan's characterization so far, while he is a believer, I do not believe he is in total submission to his God. He would only go so far in sacrificing for his God, and he would not go along with this.]
[After Ianego breaks the news to Kaluvan: Will Mythic initiate a conflict? 70% 84-No ]

[Does Sinamar or anyone agree to intercede for him? Unlikely: 35% 18-Yes! Hmm, how is Mythic "planning" to let Kaluvan hang himself with all this rope? The Antagonist has to twist this in some way.

I say that Sinamar's attempt to interced causes more problems for Kaluvan by threatening to break up what is left of his family. Kaluvan's actions are seen as nothing more than willful rebellion. It causes the overseers to believe that perhaps Kaluvan, as the leader of his own household, has corrupted the hearts of his family.

The Kinta are Shepherds and protectors of God's Children. They will protect little Nok by separating him from Erishti. Erishti and Kaluvan will undergo spiritual Repentance.

Does Repentance involve any sort of polygraph, truth-serum like or mind reading to ascertain its genuiness? Very-Likely 75% - 15-Extreme yes
I'd say it's the same combination of Bhesh and hypnosis.

Is it something a strong willed mind can resist? Very Likely 75% - 50 -yes

How will Mythic add its own twist to the above challenge? Action/Subject table roll: Overthrow/Allies.

Not only will Kaluvan and his family undergo throught Repentance, so will Sinamar as the one who tried to help him.
I have to initiate a conflict here as the Protagonist. Kaluvan would not put Sinamar through that,  and certainly not his family.Kaluvan decides to convince the overseers that only he is responsible for this; to beg them to spare everyone else. He will submit to God's will, and go through Repentance if they still believe it necessary.

Kaluvan's stakes: If he wins this conflict, the overseers are satisfied with his change of heart and spare everyone from going through the process of Repentance.

As Kaluvan is trying to show his Submission, that seems the appropriate scale:

Submission vs Rebellion - 3

He needs to roll over 3.

2d10: 1, 4 Damn, should have used more d10's. Unlucky rolls.
2d4: 1, 4
Antagonist's stake: If Antagonist wins, the overseers decree that in order to make sure little Nok grows strong in the Faith, all memories of Kaluvan will be supressed in him.

How will Mythic add a twist? Postpone, The Intellectual

In addition, due to the sin of insubordination in his father, little Nok will not have a chance to enter study for any of the higher occupations or responsibilities for fear that this insubordinate streak is also in him. His path will be redirected towards menial occupations which do not leave him much time to question God.
Antagonist will use Lies to have the overseers rationalize the punishment to themselves as not being a power trip.

Truth vs Lies 7
Antagonist must roll under 7.
Roll 1d4 for how many credits will be used: 2 credits. Will two of those be d10's? 50% 34-Yes 2d10.]

2d10: 7, 3

Will the Audience participate? 50%: 89, No. 

Kaluvan wins, and everyone is spared from going through Repentance. Antagonist loses due to Protagonist's d4, and Audience's uninvolvement. ]

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