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Monday, November 13, 2017

#SGAM2017 Remember Tomorrow (game prep - Factions)

These will be the entities that will most likely be opposing the PC's. There may be more (and also more PC's) introduced in-game if it makes sense.

I still have a couple of "blanks" for some details. Suggestions welcome, if not, I'll find out in-game...

Ideas are still generated with the concordance generator (text in brackets []).

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Tokyo Police Dept

Type: Agency
Motivation: Power
  • pCon: Equipped (Being a government agency, they have resources and assets available to them).
  • nCon: Confused
    • [her disorienting style foreign she seemed] The agency is stuck in the past and the world seems foreign
    • [disorientation held  a peculiar horror] Because the world seems so foreign, it’s also scary to them.

NPC: Ken Hosaka

Background Notes based on keyword starting with “agen”, “auth” and “contr” (authority and control as synonyms of Power):
[police departments and public security agencies] This became the idea that the agency was the Police Dept
[authority was gone replaced by the] The Police Dept was no longer an authority with any real power. Corporations ruled the roost.
[letting it get out of control] The agency feels as if they’ve let things get out of their control. The Tokyo Police Dept wants to be in control of the city again.

Wan Brothers Multinational (Arms dealer)

Type: Corporation  
Motivation: Power
NPC: Simão Okada
  • pCon: Financed (Their business brings in significant cash flow)
  • nCon: Hunted (Bitter enemies made by the family in their shadowy past in the street still exist. Who? Street gangs? Yakuza? Why? Still thinking on it and suggestions welcome)
Background Notes based on keywords starting with “hunt”, “inf”, “domi”, “sway” (“influence”, “domination”, “sway” as synonyms of power:

Weapons engineering (1d6 roll on game tables)
[shadows beyond the wall his weapon] Their origin as weapons runners is semi-hidden in the shadows of their family’s past.
[up to hidden levels of influence] Desires to use hidden influence and soft power.
[dominated by the green of the] Will use money (“green”) to influence and dominate (soft power).
[swayed its brownish claws and scurried ] However, not beyond using violence or the threat of it to get its way.
[from the relentless street that hunted] Bitter enemies made by the family in their shadowy past in the street still exist. (Who? Street gangs? Yakuza? Why?)

AIWA Entertainment

Type: Entertainment
Motivation: Envy Pride (Changed motivation based on background notes for nCon “Humiliated”)
  • pCon: Financed (Their income stream from their popular Sense Net simstim programs is significant)
  • nCon: Humiliated (See concordance generated notes.)

NPC: Yasmin Gómez (Simstim star)

Background notes based on keywords starting with , “env”, “desir”, and “simstim”:

[to you courtesy of the simstim] AIWA specializes in Sense Net simstim programs.
[desire and commerce there were countless] Their customer base is almost unlimited. “Your desire is our business.”

Background notes for Humiliated nCon: based on keywords starting with “scandal”, “pride”, “victim”, “evidence”, “crime”, “prestige’:

[scandal in california he had never, about sports about a political scandal,] Regional CEO was running for governor of California
[the working girl kinked professional pride,] It came to light that he regularly hired working girls.
[the victims invariably young women] It also came to light that many of these girls were underage.
[the turing records erasing all evidence,] To make matters worse, AIWA tried to erase all video evidence once an investigation was under way.
[where art was not quite crime,] When that failed, they tried to explain it away as art film.
[scandal wasted a fair bit of , ] Understandably, the company's prestige has taken a fair bit of damage.
[prestige here it was a sluggish]  Recovery of its reputation has been sluggish.
Background notes for Yasmin Gomez based on keywords starting with “want” and “simstim”:

[, simstim stars directly overhead along the] She’s a simstim star.
[he found one he really wanted] She has found something she really wants (what?).

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