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Monday, November 27, 2017

#SGAM2017 - Remember Tomorrow - Wan Brothers Corporation- Intro Scene

Intro scenes lend themselves to narration so here is another monologue. I had a pre existing idea of which PC the Wan Brothers would oppose, so that drove my selection of available concordances somewhat. I did try to discover other ideas first, but nothing suggested itself.

Most of the other details were filled out by the first concordances that made sense.

If you want to see the actual play fiction along with the concordances and notes, you can skip to the spreadsheet here: Remember Tomorrow- Wan Brothers- Intro 

Actual play

Wan Brothers Multinational headquarters sat in a narrow borderland of older streets. On one side was the geometrically Byzantine building of Zurich Commercial Banking's Tokyo branch and on the other, the green cube like building of ERMA corp.

Outside, the rain had stopped and raw sunlight entered through the bay windows of Simão Okada's office, leaving no shadows in the room. He sat in the narrow articulated chair as two women swirled in an abstract art hologram projected against a curving wall. 

Wan Brothers Multinational was a family business run like a corporation. It had accumulated vast amounts of wealth, much of which was kept in Swiss accounts for obvious reasons. Enemies from the brothers' street past still held grudges, and anyone from the corporation was a fair target. Okada had even been followed through the mazes of deserted back streets, which is why he had been assigned frowning Maelcum as a body guard by the family.

Violence may well escalate between the company and its enemies in the future, but Okada had a more immediate problem now. A mistake had been made. Their corporate Artificial Intelligence had sifted through police reports: At the coffin hotel the body had been found.

As a former attorney, he knew that Earth side law was a lot tougher than orbital law. He would have to make sure this mistake did not return to threaten the company.

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