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Thursday, November 23, 2017

#SGAM2017 Remember Tomorrow - Tokyo Police Department - Faction Intro Scene

Introduction scenes can be narrated or roleplayed out. It felt more appropriate to narrate an inner monologue for this Faction's representative NPC. The thing pretty much wrote itself, as the only thing I did was choose the concordances that I felt were speaking to the context, and transforming them into more readable fragments.  

As always, my approach to using the generator has kept evolving. This time, I front loaded as many concordances as I could before I began to look for a message. To do this, I used the same method of taking keywords from the Faction's character sheet, but this time I looked for meaningful concordances before I began actual play in earnest.  I still generated some while in play, but mostly I just worked with the ones I front loaded. Maybe that detail will be interesting to someone. 

If you want to jump to the spreadsheet showing the concordances, notes (dice roll, etc) and actual play you can skip to this link: Remember Tomorrow - Tokyo P.D. - Intro.

Otherwise, you can read the actual play narration here:

The Tokyo Police Department was an extremely conservative amalgam of the past. An uneasy blend of japanese tradition and fear of the unfamiliar, out of control world outside. This created a strange group anxiety that bordered on superstition.  The agency was officially one hundred and thirty-five years old, but it may as well have been a thousand years old, Ken Hosaka thought ironically.

Staying in its comfort zone where everything felt familiar, the agency had become an antique with no value, and their authority was usurped by the corporate power of the zaibatsus. The agency was but a ghost of its former self when compared to corporate security, Ken thought uncomfortably.

Things were different when you were running things. Ken knew it was time to restore the former order of things. The agency would have to accept that human history had transcended the old ways. That meant  letting go of their fears.

New technology would be their link to the modern world, he thought, as he he jacked into his Hosaka console and began rattling through police reports.

End of actual play.

The game text says to try and connect the faction to a PC, but the examples do not always do it. In this case, there was really no suggestions I could find in the concordances to connect this Faction to a PC (to harass said PC). 

I have been thinking that having the tool take the role of both the Controller and the player might not work out great or be very entertaining given how these narration heavy intro scenes have gone. 

It seems to work better when a human is in charge of one side of the equation, so I might either play all of the PCs, or I might play the controller to non-held PCs. Or maybe choose the role during each scene based on what I think will be more fun. 

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