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Sunday, November 12, 2017

#SGAM2017: Remember Tomorrow (game prep - PCs)

Three PCs generated using the game instructions and also with the help of my concordance generator (seeded with Neuromancer).

Elena looks pretty straightforward as an action kinda character with action kinda goals. I think I can let the system handle her as much as possible. Sarah and Maxim look more challenging to play as they seem less action oriented. We'll see how much the Neuromancer text helps me there.

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Sarah Rheita

Worker: (You work as an office drone or at a service job like a barman)

Motivation: Lust

  • Vehicle: Van
  • Firearm: Rifle
  • Style: Overalls
Ready/Willing/Able: 6/4/2
  • pCon: Financed (has her bar income)
  • nCon: Confused (Lost her religion)
Goal (tie it to motivation): She can’t stop thinking about someone who came into her bar. She is going to find him*. (1d2: 1 - it’s a guy)

Background notes based on keywords “worker” and "lust":
[at last the artiste the bartender] She’s a bartender who takes her craft seriously.
[in sight lonny zone the bar] Her bar is called Lonny Zone’s
[the chatsubo was a bar,] The bar is located in the Chatsubo area of Tokyo.
[bar for professional expatriates you could] Lonny Zone’s is frequented by professional expatriates.
[organ pipes it was a baroque] A defining feature of the bar is that it plays baroque classical music with organ pipes.
[ barely moving but she left jesus] Sarah has lost her religion (when). She has felt as if her life has been stuck in a rut somehow. (Maybe that’s why she feels so energized and compelled to look for this stranger. Wonder if I should switch my text source to Stephen King, haha. Will stick with Neuromancer. ).

[lust and loneliness riding in on ,wave of longing hit him lust] This became the idea that she has seen someone at her bar recently who captivated her attention. He has not come back since, and she cannot get him out of her head.

Elena Yamamoto

Torpedo:(You are a killer. A hired gun, body guard or assassin. AKA: street samurai, razor girl/boy, Solo or Freelance)
Motivation: Power
  • Cyberwear:
    • Razor hands
    • Jacked Senses
  • Firearm: Grenade
Ready/Willing/Able: 4/3/5
  • pCon: Hardened (Obviously, she’s a badass razor girl, street samurai.)
  • nCon: Coerced (she’s not sure about this assignment, yet she wants power. Plus who refuses the Brothers Wan. )
Goal: To rise in rank within the Brothers Wan zaibatsu.
Background notes based on keywords “razor” and “power”

[razor extended her right hand ] (self explanatory-- no interpretation needed, yay!)
[razor i maelcum sister brothers wan], [hired me just muscle a razorgirl] She works for the brothers wan as muscle.
[insect calm you are street samurai, ] She has an “insect calm” about her (love Gibson’s turns of phrase). A badass street samurai.
[did not have any real power, power the zaibatsus the multinationals] As just muscle, she has no real power within the Brothers Wan zaibatsu
[case is world meant corporate power] She believes corporate power runs the world. If you’re not in, you’re little people.  

Maxim Wargentin

Dealer: You trade stuff such as drugs, arts, or people. AKA: Fixer.
Motivation: Respect (for art?)

  • Lifestyle: Takeaway food
  • Firearm: Flechette
  • Cyberwear: Artificial Optics (The better to inspect art!)
Ready/Willing/Able: 2/6/3
  • pCon: Enthused (a true artiste and lover of art)
  • nCon: Destitute (He’d be eating more than takeaway if he could afford it. The stereotypical poor artiste. )
Goal (tie it to motivation): Find a certain art piece that resulted from the unlikely collaboration of two Zurich artisans. This art must not be lost to the world.

Background notes based on keywords starting with “dealer”, “art” and “honor” (a synonym of “respect”, his motivation). Generated text in brackets [].

[certain internal logics to be honored,] He is naturally wired to respect art. He does many things out of respect for art.
[he surfaced as an art dealer, one of the few gaijin dealers, ] Somehow, he has surfaced as one of the few gaijin art dealers in Tokyo
[art dealer he was the first ] In fact, he is considered numero uno among many art enthusiasts.
[will go to ali the dealer] Ali is another art dealer he has a business relationship with.
[operate in the interzone where art] He operates in Tokyo’s interzone (whatever that is).
[artisans who had crafted their leather, artisans an enamel specialist in paris, Paintings and other works of art, the microsofts he purchased were art] He has dealt in hand crafted leather pieces, enamel, paintings, Microsoft paintings, and other kinds of art.  
[unlikely collaboration between two zurich artisans, [find and return a certain artwork] This became the Goal: “Find a certain art piece that resulted from the unlikely collaboration of two Zurich artisans”

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