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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Fleshing out the Issues Pt 1 (Brainstorming interpretations for Mythic's "suggestions")

Here I try to do with the Issues, what I did with the Shock on the last post. I will only do this for the Issues “suggested” by Mythic. I’ll use questions to further help the process, if it makes sense.

  1. Issue: Greed. Owner: M1
    • M1: (Debase)(Reality)
      • Downplay reality (who is doing it?)(Direct suggestion to me?)
      • Reality debases (How? What?)
      • Someone uses reality to debase (How? What?)
      • Debase a reality (Whose? How?)
    • M1: (Intolerance) (Dreams)
      • Intolerance of Dreams (How could dreams be intolerant? Intolerance for what? Or intolerance for someone’s dreams?)
      • Dreams of intolerance (What kind of intolerance?)(Whose dreams?)
  2. Issue: Free Will. Owner: M2
    • M2: (Bestow) (Fears)
      • Create fear (Who? What? How?)
      • Grant fear
      • Burden with fear
      • Fear burdens (Who?)
      • Fear grants (What? To Who?)
    • M2: (Communicate) (Dispute)
      • Communication of dispute
      • Dispute of communication
      • Communication as infection of dispute/harmony (How? On whom?)
      • Confusion/Disagreement

The main issue now, with all of these interpretations, is how they fit with the Issue under which they are, and how that, in turn, fit with how the Shock is described. The Minutiae I come up with have to satisfactorily make sense in that context.

On the next post, I begin brainstorming for interpretations of Mythic’s “suggestions” for other world Minutiae, or color. Like I said, for now I will ignore my own Issue, as I think I will have an easier time coming up for its Minutiae in a way that fits with the others.

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