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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Intro

I tend to go through cycles of excitement for different things. Six months ago, after reading some of Slash's autobio, I was all about my acoustic guitar. I kept practicing until my fingertips got hard, then excitement kind of fizzled out, as it usually does. I'm still interested, but do not feel the same immediate energy for it.

After that, I became all about A.I. in computers, another topic that interests me. I suck at math (just like I suck at guitar playing), but I still try to get a general layman's idea of it. It kept me entertained for a few weeks, and again I slowly lay off of it for a while.

Now I'm on my third week of my "manic" phase for RPG gaming. I prefer playing solo for many reasons, so Mythic GME is the best option I have right now. I'm using it the plain vanilla way right now, just so I can familiarize myself with it. I won't write much about it on this post, but here are some links to check out:

A google search here:

The RPG game I want to try is called Shock: Social Science Fiction. What I liked about it was the way it broke down sci-fi, and the way its resolution mechanic can inform your fiction. The actual play reports also got me excited about it. You can find links for them at

Another google search here:

A link to some Philcon MP3 files with some actual play. This really helped me to illuminate the things I couldn't quite understand from the text:

In my next post I will detail the brainstorming session I had, with Mythic "playing" the part of two other players.

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