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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mythic GME & Shock: Social Science Fiction: Fleshing out other setting details Pt 1 (Brainstorming interpretations for Mythic's "suggestions")

Here I try to apply the same process for the setting’s other Minutiae. I tried to let each Mythic “player” come up with up to three “suggestions” that I can then try to interpret.

  1. Other Minutiae
    • M1: (Recruit)(A Plot)
      • Adopt a plot (Of what?/What kind?)
      • Recruit/Conscript of a Plot / for a Plot
      • A plot/plan to recruit/conscript (for what?)
      • Recruit [for?] a plan/idea
    • M1: (Divide) (Advice)
      • Take advice/wisdom equally
      • Give advice/wisdom equally
      • Disharmony/divide/lack of advice/wisdom
      • Advice/Wisdom of disharmony/divide/lack
      • Advice/Wisdom to divide/share
    • M1: (Kill) (Expectations)
      • Interpret as a literal command to me (the author)
      • deflate(d) hopes
      • expect/hope to/of deflate/deflation
      • hope kills
      • dead hope/expectations
      • expectation of death/carnage
      • death of hope/expectations
      • dead/defeated future/hope
      • future kills
      • kill/defeat future/hope
      • kill (as in drink): drink of expectations = partake of expectations
      • obliterate/erase/end expectations/hope/future
    • M2: (Dominate) (Ambush)
      • Lie in wait to master/control/look down on
      • domination by ambush/trap/waiting/patience
      • ambush/trap the dominant
      • patience of domination
      • domination of patience
    • M2: (Betray) (Advice)
      • reveal advice/wisdom/guidance/counsel unintentionally
      • betray/cheat/fail/denounce/deceive a mentor/advice/counselor
      • to deceive/mislead/fail with advice/wisdom
      • to impersonate a mentor/counselor/guru
      • to propose betrayal/denouncing/revelation/cheating
    • M2: (Work Hard) (Nature)
      • work ethic of a character
      • work hard on character/nature
      • work hard on nature(wilderness)
      • exploit someone's nature
      • exploit nature(wilderness)
      • nature/wilderness works hard/struggles
      • the nature/character of hard work

On the next post, I hope to begin synthesizing these into Minutiae that make a cogent whole. I will also be able to add my own Minutiae, free of the limitations of those "suggestions", after that.

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