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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Intervention- Session 1 (Working title)

Joy Shamrock receives a chilling psychic image.
[Character sketch created via Rory's Story Cubes, and Mythic GME]

Joy Shamrock-- psychic who claims she has the gift to commune with the other side. Among her beliefs is the notion that St. Peter "keys to heaven" meant that Peter was granted the gift to commune with the other side. Her gift is real, very reliable and accurate in detail-- though those details tend to be peripheral. She has enough cred with the police tha they have consulted her in extreme cases.

Turn 1: [Start the story with a static scene, a la Shock.]

Joy has just gotten out of the shower after a long day of consulting. She works from home, only accepting people who come through references or who know of her from word of mouth. Except for a couple of new age books, and perhaps her altar to St. Peter, there is nothing that would identify her as a seer.

She has wrapped a towel around her head, and is now sitting down sipping some honey ginger tea her sister bought her at Chinatown, and reading "The Girl Who Played With Fire" which her sister was all raves about.

Turn 1: [I just pulled a Bright Idea card. It's the "guidance" trump card. It has an indiana jones like character climbing a mountain. On his belt are a set of keys, what looks like an axe-pick, and a globe in his hands. See my interpretation below using the card's picture, some Mythic GME yes/no questions, and Rory's Story Cubes.]

Unexpectedly, as it sometimes happens, she receives a "communication". Somewhere far accross the globe...a cave with bats...anger, malice, an axe-pick. The axe-pick is not bloody...yet. This is the beginning of a long climb, or is it descent? The flash vanishes.

She is left disturbed by the vision. Somehow she feels that she must be of service, so she gets on the internet to google pictures of caves with bats. She's hoping that perhaps something will come up that she can recognize-- she is actually praying that she can as she fears someone will get hurt.

Turn 2:
[I pull a card called "Doing-Invention." The picture shows a sculptor who is using traditional tools eyeing looking with jealousy at a man who has invented a machine that can crank out mini sculptures that are copies of what the old-school sculptor created.]

She is not having much luck identifying anything, and her computer is a piece of crap (pardon her French) that just hangs. She wishes she had a better computer or was more technologically inclined.

[I ask Mythic whether she finds anything that night. The Odds are Unlikely, because a Google images search for "bat caves" returns about 4 million pictures. The roll was successful, however: 26. ]

Finally, against all odds, she recognizes the bat cave in one of the pictures.

Turn 3: [She tries to figure out where that is by looking at the comments. Does it say where it is? 50/50: Yes. Bright Idea card is "Release". It has a city with skyscrapers, and someone on a balcony releasing a white pigeon. There are stars and a quarter moon visible. Since the dominant colors are Red, White, Yellow and Black, I googled some flags. The only one who fit the mark was the Ugandan flag. Interesting location. ]

She looks at the blurb from the person who posted it and the cave is located in Uganda. Rather than feeling triumphant or satisfied, she begins feeling something akin to despair. Why was she sent this message? What can she do from California? She considers looking for volunteer missions on the ground there, and emailing them, but she knows that's an uphill battle. After all, who would believe her?

She finds an address for a Peace Corp mission that seems to be located near that area; one of the leader's name is Keyla Lamb*. "She will probably laugh at me", Joy thinks, but she sends the email anyway. After that, she suddenly realizes how exhausted she feels. It's almost 11pm, and she has a long day tomorrow.

[*Rory Story Cubes also show that she is Native American].


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